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The Recession Finally Hits The Mascot Sector

The United States has certainly fallen on tough economic times. This is probably why the NHL and their Players' Association are currently struggling through a lockout. All those being-able-to-skate-backwards jobs being shipped overseas and whatnot. But the current unemployment rates have finally taken their toll on the often-overlooked "oversized plush head" segment of the working class.

George Richards of the Miami Herald reported on Tuesday that the NHL lockout has finally gone too far.

Laying off Stanley C. Panther! These fat cats in the Florida front office have laid off the beloved ice-skating fat cat in a move so ironically inception-y that my anger doubles back on itself in a Moebius helix. But I digress. We can all agree that this move is a crushing blow to the mascot community. We hope that Stanley C. can get back on his feet soon. Maybe he can be the new Chuck E. Cheese mascot. They change that guy every six months or so.

Richards stated that he believes Stanley C. will be re-hired when (if?) the lockout ends, but the damage has already been done. You blew it up, you maniacs.

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