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16 Year-Old Andy Carroll's Bebo Page Discovered

If you only click on one current footballer's former social networking page today, make it this one. Someone has unearthed a very young Andy Carroll's Bebo profile from when he was a trainee at Newcastle United, and the results make for some enthralling reading.

Highlights include:

  • Andy is afraid of snakes, except his own snake.
  • Andy's favourite film is the Jungle Book, because "its an unreal movie."
  • Andy is "usualy happiest when im out with my friends and family wether its from football or not, or if am spending sum time with me gf if ive got 1"
  • Andy "liek 2 go 2 the gym everyday and keep toned up."
Don't take our word for it,have a look for yourself.

This comes courtesy of Twitter user @seancourt who claims, with justification, that the photo gallery proves it's authenticity. We find it hard to disagree, but warn that it is very much not for the faint-hearted.