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Smokin' Jay Cutler: The Meme You Never Knew You Needed

I have it on good authority that Jay Cutler is basically a folk hero in the greater Chicago area. Which is a good thing for him, because literally everyone outside of Chicago Bears fandom absolutely hates his rotten guts. People hate his stupid fish face, his mopey antics and his propensity to be Jay Cutler all the time. So when someone fired up a Jay Cutler meme, you'd think it would be pretty hurtful and insulting. Instead, it's brilliant and sublime. It's almost ... beautiful.

A Tumblr named "Smokin' Jay Cutler" has arrived, bringing with it ... well, chalk this one up to the "truth in advertising" department.


Yes, image after image, lovingly Photoshopped to depict the Chicago Bears quarterback enjoying a cigarette break. This is amazing and the world is a significantly better place because this exists. Please browse the site at your leisure, but here are some of the very best images on offer at the moment.






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