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Louisiana Tech Makes Love To The Camera

The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs may not be as well known as literally any other college anywhere in the world a lot of other colleges, but they definitely have a football team and are prepared to go viral in order for you to be aware of them.

It appears that their first attempt at going viral has failed horribly, resulting in a YouTube video so bad that we have no choice but to distribute it far and wide, so that -- oh, well played, Louisiana Tech. YOU'VE OUTSMARTED US YET AGAIN.

Louisiana Tech's bright idea at going viral was to have the four members of their offensive line (ONLY FOUR DUDES THAT'S IT HOPE YOU DON'T NEED A CENTER) poorly lip-sync and even-more-poorly dance to the popular pop song "Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO. It's ... well, it's, uh ...


This video is the gift that just keeps on giving. Beyond providing definitive scientific evidence that offensive linemen are physically unable to dance and/or have rhythm, there is a whoooole mess of stuff going on here. No. 78 busting a "Butabi Brothers" for an extended period of time. No. 73 rubbin' his dang ol' belly. No. 63 thinking "pacing" is the equivalent of dancing.

And of course, the true star of the video:


Damn you, sexy offensive linemen. You do it to me every time.