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Brett Anderson Done For Regular Season

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The Oakland A's are one of the best stories in baseball, and left-handed starting pitcher Brett Anderson was one of the best stories on one of the best stories in baseball. Anderson had recently returned from Tommy John surgery, and he immediately returned to being one of the better young starters in the game.

On Wednesday, though, Anderson left the A's game against the Tigers with a tweak of the oblique. From Susan Slusser:

Slusser goes on to quote Anderson saying he hopes to pitch in the postseason, even getting as specific as saying he'd like to come back and pitch in the Wild Card play-in game. That's up to his oblique, of course, but it's possible we haven't seen the last of Anderson this year.

The 24-year-old Anderson was the only pitcher in the A's rotation who wasn't a rookie, and he'll likely be replaced by Travis Blackley for the rest of the regular season.