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Bill Belichick Grabs Ref, Argues Last-Second Field Goal Ruling

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Think of the most exaggerated, wild finish to a football game, an NFL football game between two of the AFC's most fiercely competitive teams. Now, throw that scenario out the window, because it has nothing on what really happened in the closing seconds to give the Baltimore Ravens a 31-30 win over the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football.

Nothing. Not even Bill Belichick could believe it, and that guy's been around for awhile.

The Ravens kicked a 27-yard field goal that didn't split the uprights or miss wide. Instead, it went straight over the the right upright, a result that is not reviewable because it went over the goalposts. The Ravens got the three points and the win. Watch:


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The field goal was only the second-most dramatic part of the finish. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick flipped out and chased one of the replacement officials off the field, grabbing his arm and giving him more than an earful.


He's probably going to get a fine for that, as the NFL tries everything to put the replacement referee situation - something the league is responsible for creating - back in the box before the whole world realizes just what a sham it is.

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