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This is the new SB Nation. It is more beautiful than you could possibly imagine.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Welcome to SB Nation United, the newest and latest version of Please do not close your eyes for a second while looking at the new digs. You are denying them pleasure, and would be unfair to deny them this after all they do for you each day.

Your eyes see a few things. They see the big, lovely blocks of content seamlessly integrated into the page. These mix news, commentary, and long-form pieces you cannot get anywhere else. You get all this for free, because the economics of our time are insane. Congratulations: take full advantage of this, and read it all like the sports glutton you are.

It's also all very pretty--even your commenting font looks smarter, doesn't it?--but pretty is nothing without utility. With United's platform, it is easier to get the full scope of SB Nation's 300+ team communities. These tidy, smart-looking pages load faster on the new platform, and translates universally to any device: mobile, tablet, PC, or decade-old flip phone. (Flip phone diehards: stay strong.)

And yet there's more. SB Nation is now giving you longform sports journalism as gorgeous and useful as the platform itself. In addition to our talented stable of staff writers, we have author Greg Jordan and Best American Sports Writing editor Glenn Stout on board to create a destination for in-depth longform sports content. Combined with our existing pipeline of news, analysis, video, entertaining community, and important sports GIFs, you should get nothing done for the rest of your life. Yay, you.

Finally, I will be moving into the role of Editorial Director, building that pipeline of new longform content, adding to our existing quality content on, and continuing to write features for I'll also continue to helm EDSBS with increased help from the usual suspects, because I do still believe every day should be Saturday.

The plan is to be awesome every day. There is no alternate plan.