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Everyone Hates Denard Robinson

Denard Robinson was really looking forward to the 2012 college football season. Then his Michigan Wolverines opened the season against the Alabama Crimson Tide. The (former?) Heisman hopeful went 11-for-26 with two interceptions on Saturday. His struggles in the 41-14 loss were nothing but pleasure-fuel for cross-town rivals the Michigan St. Spartans.

As Diamond Leung of MLive reported, Spartan players kept up the smack-talk on Twitter all day Saturday, ripping Robinson to shreds. Leung gathered some of the choicest quotes.

"Is this guy really a QB I'll say my mans (walk-on Tommy Vento) is a better QB lol," linebacker Denicos Allen tweeted. "S/O to my boy vento by the way."

It's good that Allen remembered to shout out Vento after using him as a backhanded insult.

"DENARD IS SOOOO BAD!" safety Kyle Artinian tweeted. "And it makes me feel so good."

But how does Artinian feel about bustin'?

"I can play quarterback for the school in blue," linebacker Jamal Lyles tweeted. "(Le'Veon Bell) for heisman > the other guy in the great state of michigan."

The two teams play one another on Oct. 20. Robinson likely won't forget the insults. But hopefully he'll forget that he's a pretty lousy quarterback.

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