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Brendan Rodgers Has A Painting Of Brendan Rodgers In His House

Among the many exciting revelations that are emerging every day thanks to previews of a new documentary about Liverpool, perhaps the most wondrous of all is that Brendan Rodgers is the kinda guy who has a huge painting of himself in his own house.

The photo, along with many other snippets of Brendan Rodgers' motivational maxims (If you want to be number one, you've got to train like you're number two) come courtesy of Fox Soccer's 'Being: Liverpool.'

He's still got some way to go to beat Manchester United winger Luis Nani, of course, who apparently has a life-size statue of himself in his own living-room, once asking a fan for their jester hat to adorn it. I'd like to see that episode of Through The Keyhole, although I don't think it'd be too tricky.