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VIDEO: Sir Alex Ferguson In 'Press Conference Crashers'

In a live-action sequel to 2005's Wedding Crashers, Andy Murray presented 'Press Conference Crashers', starring Sean Connery and Sir Alex Ferguson. Video after the jump.

Sadly, the part where Ferguson apparently claimed "Scotland invented the world", has not been captured, although it's safe to say looking at the video that Andy Murray's observation that both 'smelled of wine' was probably on the money. "I've been coming here the last three years to New York and I explained how Scotland invented the world", said the Manchester United boss. "Today we invented the wind."

Murray then posed for photographs with the two knights, before saying: '"Sir Alex is one of the most successful managers of all time and both of them are from Scotland.

"So to have them both here was very nice."

Fair enough. It goes against Murray's miserable image, and I'd be pretty vexed if my celebratory press-conference was crashed by two sozzled old dudes.