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Senior Bowl 2013: Mike Glennon, Marquise Goodwin, Desmond Trufant standing out

N.C. State quarterback Mike Glennon, Texas wide receiver Marquise Goodwin, and Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant are some of the top Senior Bowl performers.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

With three days of Senior Bowl practice under the belt, we're starting to get a sense of the players that are really excelling in Mobile, Ala.

Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting has been doing film analysis of players while he's been at the Senior Bowl. Today he took a look at the progression analysis of the top Senior Bowl North quarterbacks. Galko singles out Mike Glennon of the North Carolina St. Wolfpack as the signal-caller that's really standing out from the rest.

Upon further review, Glennon was the best quarterback on the North Roster, and maybe overall at the Senior Bowl in terms of reads, accuracy, and touch. He didn’t make a poor read all of the second day, and just one on Day 3. He had some elite deep throws, including 4 elite throws on Day 3, three of which were easily the best throws of the week from any QB, North or South. However, his slow feet, lacking foot speed when asked to move laterally, slow movement on rollouts/off play active, and stiff hips that give safeties time to recover as he switches field are still concerning. He won’t be moving on our board at all from this week, but he proved why some see him as the draft’s best quarterback.

BJ Kissel of Arrowhead Pride has also been at the Senior Bowl, and has had similar complimentary things to say about Glennon.

Both Ryan Nassib of Syracuse and Zac Dysert of Miami of Ohio have performed average, but both definitely trail the consistency of Glennon.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports also did his examination of the North Team. He singled out numerous players, but Marquise Goodwin from Texas is the player who really stood out from his discerning scouting eye.

...the Thursday practice was the first time that I was completely on board -- mostly because I started to watch Goodwin as a pure, natural slot receiver. The Olympic-level track athlete is very, very sharp with his cuts when streaking across the middle of the field, and he'll burn all but the fastest cornerbacks on quick comeback routes. The fact that Thursday's practice was held with minimal contact could be part of the reason; I'm not always sold on Goodwin's ability to break contact and extend plays, but there's no doubt that in space, he's a truly dynamic threat. As a speed slot receiver in the Victor Cruz or Kendall Wright mold, Goodwin could provide optimal value.

In his stock assessment of Senior Bowl winners and losers, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network has also been highly complimentary of the performance of Goodwin. But the player he was most ready to single out for his accomplishments in practice was Washington cornerback Desmond Trufant.

Trufant has been the top cornerback in Mobile. He has shown outstanding foot quickness, agility and ball skills. Most teams that I spoke with prior to the Senior Bowl had Trufant pegged as a middle-of-the-second-round-type player. Following three days of practice, nearly every personnel executive I spoke with considers him a likely first-round pick.