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Stanford band ruins 2013 Rose Bowl (for boring people)

Stanford's marching band provided an "Ode To Cheese" in honor of Rose Bowl opponent Wisconsin, and a lot of people expressed their outrage on social media.


(This happened all over again with different routines in 2014 and 2016.)

Stanford's marching band is an unconventional group of pranksters whose Rose Bowl halftime show featured an "Ode To Cheese" (Get it, Wisconsin? #lulz) and some 1990s punk rock.


In the hyperbolic parameters of social media commentary, this of course makes the Stanford band an affront to patriotism, justice and the United States of America. Let's take a brief look at some either boring or terrible people with internet access:

Now, let's highlight the following band member....


... and search the term "Stanford band classy" and ohgodno... awful, awful, stupid....


* * *

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