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Florida State fans slightly too drunk to perform the national anthem

Florida State fans might find it hard to get hyped up for Northern Illinois in the Orange Bowl, but they've got a tradition of high level drunken foolishness to live up to.

The college-aged football fan is wont to exaggerate how drunk he or she got on a particular occasion. But sometimes there's proof that said young scholar really did pound that handle of Absolut Citron or Hypnotic or whatever morality tonic is popular in Tallahassee, Fla., these days.

But have you ever been so drunk you sang the national anthem out of rhythm with the bros standing to your left and right? That's MAJOR WASTED BRO. We sincerely doubt they're harmonizing:


Also, if you're an attractive young lady caught on camera, you're considered to be a recruiting incentive for future FSU stars. But Jenn Sterger SET A STANDARD, DAMMIT, and your duckface does a disservice to the pioneers who came before you.