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Things that have happened in the time since the Lakers last won a game

The Lakers haven't won in a long time. In fact, they haven't won all year. So much has happened in that time.

Harry How

The Los Angeles Lakers have now lost five in a row after falling to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night. The last time the Lakers won was in 2012. Since then, the following things have happened.

The Charlotte Bobcats won.

The Washington Wizards won.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won.

David Bowie made a new album.

I watched a few seasons of The X-Files.

No longer is there money in the banana stand.

Dr. Pepper permitted a woman to drink a soda.

Scott Skiles was fired by every NBA team, and a few MLB teams.

Some hockey thing or something.

Lamar Odom dunked! No, for real, I swear!

Andy Reid changed windbreakers.

Kobe made a joke on Twitter.

Dwight Howard asked 487 people to pull his finger.

Jose Canseco ran for mayor of Toronto.

Tyler Perry made 43 movies, 15 plays and an album.

Over 15,000 Kate Upton slideshows were posted on the Internet, all by Darren Rovell.

Dwight Howard watched Ted four times, laughing in the exact same places.

JaVale McGee did ... well, I don't know. He had to have done something absurd; he's JaVale McGee after all.

John Wall became an Animorph in transition to being Raymond Felton.

This man has pawned his necklace.

Oh god, Royce White tweeted something again.