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John Wall brings hope in return to Wizards

The Wizards have their best player back, and John Wall brings more than just his on-court production to the team.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Images of a frustrated John Wall in dress clothes on the bench during the Washington Wizards' 5-28 start became rather commonplace as he recovered from injury. After Wall's season debut Saturday, the Wizards are 1-0 with Wall on the court and, more importantly, have their young franchise player back, which should make for improved play from several players as Wall gradually gets back into game shape.

Wall scored 14 points in 21 minutes off the bench in Washington's win over the Atlanta Hawks Saturday. As Mike Prada of Bullets Forever notes, Wall's return isn't coming with a magic wand that will wave away the team's awful 33-game start, but the fact that the young, rebuilding Wizards finally get a look at their team with their most important player is still significant.

In an interview with Prada, Wizards teammate Martell Webster noted how much more organized the team was with Wall on the court.

"It's like he parted the Red Sea out there," Webster told Prada. "He told everybody to spread out, and that court is wide open. You could have a picnic in there."