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The Week in Worst: Divisional round suckage

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Once again, we've rounded up the worst NFL plays of the week and made GIFs out of them. Even in the playoffs, there's still terrible football.

Stephen Dunn

There are only two more weekends of football left in the season! That is crazy! Luckily for those of us in the GIF-making game, not everyone played at the very height of their abilities this past Saturday and Sunday. There were mistakes, flubs, screw-ups, SNAFUs, boners, whoopsie-doodles and errors aplenty. Not to mention bloopers, missteps, blunders, gaffes and OTHER words in various online thesaurii.

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You like animated images of people doing things wrong, yes? Then you have come to the correct place. Sit back, wait for the page to load and then spend upwards of one minute enjoying all of my efforts. Happy snickering!

Here are the worst plays for the week of Jan. 7-13, 2013.

Worst Interception

Player: Peyton Manning

Date: Jan. 12


Of course this had to be there. You knew it was coming. We all did. This was the interception that sealed the fate of the Denver Broncos. Tebow Twitter just EXPLODED after this play went down and you could have powered a small city with the residual smugness. There were dumber interceptions and more embarrassing interceptions (sup Colin Kaepernick), but this was the worst of them all. See you later, Peyton. Enjoy your two million pizzas. I hope Eli called you up to laugh at you.

Worst Pass

Player: Joe Flacco

Date: Jan. 12


Joe Flacco gets picked on a lot. Mostly because he once vehemently claimed he was an elite quarterback, when he forgot that everyone he was talking to has eyeballs. But he beat Peyton Manning at home in a playoff game, so who's laughing now? Well, us, because of this GIF. This is a gift for Broncos fans, because this is the dumbest and worst pass of the weekend. You did it, Joe!

Worst Muffed Catches

Team: Green Bay Packers

Date: Jan. 12


There were a total of three muffs by the Packers on punt or kickoff returns. I've compiled them all into one handy mega-GIF for you. Two of them were by Randall Cobb! The Packers made one fatal mistake in their playoff game against the 49ers. (Other than allowing all those points, I mean.) They forgot that when you return a kick, you should use a guy who has hands. It seems so simple in retrospect, but there's a lot going on in the heat of the moment.


"It's okay champ, we'll get 'em next time."

Worst Arm-Punt

Player: Aaron Rodgers

Date: Jan. 12


Ah, the arm-punt. That most special of beasts where you huck a ball as high and as far as you can and just let God work out the details. It's the "Jesus Take the Wheel" of football plays and sometimes it works perfectly hilariously, like in the above instance. Just ZOOP right into the hands of the opponent, who was running a solid three yards in front of your intended target. ZOOP. Like magic.

Most Mesmerized

Player: Aaron Rodgers

Date: Jan. 12


Aaron Rodgers is only human. When Ted Ginn Jr. is busting out his gyrating celebratory dance, the Packers quarterback can be no more than a man transfixed, unable to tear his eyes away from the spectacle. Ted Ginn Jr.: secret weapon of mass distraction.

Worst Best Fumble

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Date: Jan. 13


Perhaps the most Seahawks touchdown of all time? I half-expect this Rube Goldberg touchdown sequence to be something that Pete Carroll actually drew up. "Sure, it takes immense skill and no small amount of luck, but if it works, think of how trolled everyone will be!" Peace out, Pete Carroll. We're sad you never got to chew gum and look smug in the Super Bowl. Keep reaching for the stars.

Worst Pile of Humanity

Game: Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons

Date: Jan. 13


Look at all that person! This skip-kick was honestly one of the worst decisions of the week, as it only ate up two seconds and gave the Seahawks a prayer of pulling off the win. But the real story here is all this flopping man in the slow-mo shot. Look at 'em collide! Everyone get your grundles into the shot! Don't be bashful! My favorite is the last guy in, like he's really gonna do something. But look at him go! You gotta believe in yourself, kids.

Worst Celebration

Player: Brandon Spikes

Date: Jan. 13


Context: the Patriots had not actually recovered this fumble. Further context: on the subsequent play, the Texans punted. Further further context: man alive were the Texans outmatched in this game. I'm surprised there were New England players who weren't doing the Robot just every second of the game. Probably poor taste. Like Bill Belichick gives a s***.