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Manti Te'o controversy: Taking a look at the Notre Dame star's tweets

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A look back on some of Te'o's tweets from the past year, which are now weird.


Manti Te'o has some explaining to do. In what is the early frontrunner for biggest sports story of 2013, a Deadspin report says the former Notre Dame linebacker and Heisman finalist had a relationship with a girl who does not exist.

Te'o also claimed that she died of Leukemia just hours after his grandmother passed away in September. That is not true.

As the nation digests the story, many have looked to Te'o's account on Twitter. He has nearly 171,000 followers now, and that number has surely skyrocketed in recent hours. Here are a couple of his more interesting tweets about, well, who really knows at this point?

Here is a tweet Manti sent his girlfriend last summer:

And here are a few more:

Finally, this tweet from last June just about wraps it all up for Te'o and his family.

Since the story broke, Te'o has released a statement, in which he referred to the whole situation as a "sick joke". Notre Dame has also released a statement, claiming their player was a "victim of a hoax".