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Jets GM search: Signs continue to point to Seattle's Jason Idzik

It continues to appear that Seattle's Jason Idzik will be named Jets' GM.

Marc Serota

The New York Jets appear to be on course to hiring Seattle Seahawks' director of football operations Jason Idzik, according to most recent reports. Earlier today, ESPN's Adam Schefter broke the news that he could be offered the position soon -- and since that time more outlets have echoed the same news.

Part of the Seahawks turnaround, Idzik arrived in 2007 to oversee the team's salary cap and conduct contract negotiations. Last year, he ensured the organization retained defensive tackles Red Bryant, and Brandon Mebane -- while keeping enough cap space to give the organization flexibility. He's viewed as a smart front-office executive, with over ten years of NFL experience at various levels.

If Jason Idzik is hired as expected, he'll have a variety of complex issues to deal with as New York's incoming general manager. The cap situation leaves a lot to be desired, and whoever takes over the job will need to work with quarterback Mark Sanchez who carries a large cap figure, and has struggled since the Jets gave him a large contract extension.

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