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50 fast facts about the Super Bowl, where you never know what the heck is going to happen

It seems like there are more and more Super Bowls each and every year. Here are 50 things to remember as we get closer to what many are calling "the big game."


1. This year, more folks will watch the Super Bowl than ever before.

2. In Super Bowl XLVII, head coaches John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh will coach their teams against one another. John Harbaugh is Jim Harbaugh's brother!

3. Ask any TV exec: this year, the big game will mean "big business" for networks & advertisers alike.

4. Be on the lookout for Super Bowl commercials

5. This year, the Super Bowl is TRULY a family affair ... the Harbaugh family, that is! John and Jim Harbaugh.

6. Here is a very short video I found that will tell you about the Super Bowl. Hope you find it useful! God bless you!

7. Let's talk turkey: this Sunday, Americans will consume over 1,000 pounds of chicken wings!

8. The Super Bowl is this Sunday

9. Folks are flocking by the thousands to visit New Orleans, the city of brotherly jazz. Some examples of famous jazz musicians include Five Iron Frenzy and Kenny G.

10. Folks will be talking about -- you guessed it -- Super Bowl commercials. Start your own commercial & spark the latest meme

11. With quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Alex Smith behind center, we're in store for a true Red River Shootout.

12. Do you think that John and Jim Harbaugh are going to coach in the Super Bowl

13. Beyonce is going to perform in the Super Bowl halftime show. They'd better get the dang stage taken down before the second half starts!

14. New Orleans? Heck, what was wrong with the first Orleans?

15. You never know what's going to happen in the Super Bowl

16. Here's a poem about the Super Bowl to help you remember when it's on:

O Super Bowl, o Super Bowl
You are on at 6:00

17. Here is another very short video I found that will tell you about the Super Bowl. Hope you find it useful! God bless you!

18. Brotherly love? Not so much ... with John and Jim Harbaugh coaching, this Super Bowl will be anything but child's play.

19. Small babies are unable to comprehend the Super Bowl

20. If you're in town for the Super Bowl and you meet someone who is from New Orleans, say, "welcome to New Orleans, home of food folks & fun"

21. Journalists from all over the world are going to be at the Super Bowl. This year, the Super Bowl is truly a nationwide WORLDwide phenomenon.

22. Note to the Ravens and 49ers: never give up & and don't get caught nappin'! That's how ya beat the competition

23. What the heck else is on the "boob tube" during the Super Bowl? You guessed it, the Puppy Bowl! Dogs are going to try to play football & create silly fun for all.

24. You could win a trip to the Super Bowl

25. Thought bowl season was over? Well you were wrong, you f***ing piece of garbage.

26. The Brother Bowl? John & Jim Harbaugh will make sure of that.

27. What do you and a football have in common? The pregame antics from the friendy folks at CBS will leave you in stitches

28. Invest in Super Bowl decorations to create a truly special experience for your guests, friends, family, neighbors & pals and dad and mom

29. Seeing double? Do NOT adjust your television set! You're looking at two Harbaughs -- John and Jim -- and they're facing off in this year's Super Bowl.

30. I have watched over 10 Super Bowls

31. Many folks will be tweeting LIVE from the Super Bowl! Be on the lookout.

32. Some Super Bowl commercials have been REJECTED and BANNED!!!!!! L@@K OUT AND STAY SAFE!

33. Horrible Bosses? Try this one on for size: Harbaugh Bosses. These two guys will be the head honchos in charge this coming Super Bowl

34. Who the heck's gonna win the big game? If you ask me, the fans are winners here. Great matchup and a great Super Bowl tradition.

35. Buy the products advertised during the Super Bowl as a way to show appreciation for the folks who get this show on the road free of charge

36. For fun, try saying "Niners" instead of "49ers." If you're uncomfortable with this, try saying "49ers."

37. Seems like they're talking about the Super Bowl on every channel. Let the media circus begin ...

38. Have you noticed the yellow "first down" line in previous Super Bowl broadcasts? Ever wonder how the heck they do it? One word: computers. They're not just for nerds anymore.

39. Perhaps an individual will attend your Super Bowl party who has a reputation for cheering and going wild! Here goes the neighborhood

40. Ho hum, just another Sunday evening at home doing nothing ... [record scratch] NOT!!!! Flip on the Super Bowl & invite your friends.

41. Seems like they throw another rule in the NFL rule book every year. Lucky for you, there's only one rule for throwing a great Super Bowl party: have fun

42. Welcome to the Super Bowl, where the fan is the MVP.

43. A 30-second Super Bowl spot costs over $10,000. I don't know what planet you're living on, but to me that's a whole lotta dough

44. everyone's arguing about who's gonna win the big game. guess that means it's super bowl season

45. call your tortilla chips "touchdown tortilla chips." eat them.

46. some popular super bowl songs include "party town usa" by creed and "where da football at" by tool

47. super bowl sunday is the busiest shopping day of the year

48. "the super bowl? i've never heard of it!" - dorky grandmas, whilst knitting

49. there's plenty of hoopla surrounding the big game

50. predictions