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Kings sale: What are the roster implications of the impending move to Seattle?

The roller coaster ride is over in Sacramento, as the Maloof brothers have agreed to sell the Sacramento Kings to an ownership group in Seattle. Paul Flannery of SB Nation NBA comments on the development and what it means for the basketball team -- whatever it is named next year -- moving forward.

Barring a last-minute veto by the NBA's Board of Governors, the Sacramento Kings will be moving to Seattle next season. The Maloof brothers' sale to the Seattle-based group led by Chris Hansen was announced on Monday, and now, the only thing that can stop this move is if the board forces the Maloof brothers to sell to a local Sacramento group that mayor Kevin Johnson is assembling as we speak.

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It's unfortunate that the city of Sacramento had to go through this, but for everyone else, it's time to start thinking about the on-court implications that come with the resolution of the sale of the team. In this video, SB Nation NBA columnist Paul Flannery discusses how a move to Seattle will provide much-needed direction for a remarkably scattered Kings' roster.

Among the topics discussed:

  • This has to mean the end for Kings GM Geoff Petrie, right?
  • What happens to DeMarcus Cousins? Does he now become the new-Sonics' franchise player?
  • Should the franchise part ways with former Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans?