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X Games snowboarding competitor Halldór Helgason wipes out hard

BREAKING: Doing lots of flips on a snowboard on a 75-foot jump is really dangerous.

During a qualifying heat for the men's snowboard big air final at the Winter X Games, Halldór Helgason needed a nearly perfect score to qualify for the final entering his final run. He decided to try an insane trick that featured three flips executed in a manner unlike his competitors had attempted. If he landed it, he probably would have been given a good enough score to advance on the basis of originality.

Instead, he over-rotated the trick and hit the deck. Hard.

ESPN indicated on their broadcast that Helgason sustained a concussion and had regained consciousness, implying that he lost consciousness at some point. Given the manner in which he hit a sheet of ice after going over a 75-foot jump, this is not surprising. The good news is that he can move all of his extremities and he saluted the fans as he was transported off the mountain. He's headed to the hospital.