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Super Bowl Media Day 2013: Randy Moss claims he's greatest wide receiver ever

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss may not be as big of an on-field threat as he used to be, but he still thinks highly of himself.


At the peak of his career, Randy Moss was the most dangerous wide receiver in the NFL. While he isn't the consistent big-play threat that he used to be, Moss told media members Tuesday that he's the league's greatest receiver ever.

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That's a pretty bold statement from the San Francisco 49ers receiver, considering just about everyone would agree that former 49er Jerry Rice, who holds NFL records for career receptions, yards and touchdowns, is the league's best pass-catcher of all time. Reacting to Moss's statement, Rice simply said, "Put my numbers up against his numbers."

Moss's numbers are certainly impressive. He has compiled 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns on 982 receptions in his career. Moss is a seven-time Pro Bowler, and he has 10 1,000-yard seasons to his name. But even those gaudy stats don't compare to Rice.

Rice caught 1,549 passes for 22,895 yards and 197 touchdowns in his career, easily besting Moss in each category. He played in 13 Pro Bowls, was named AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year twice and won three Super Bowls. Rice finished his career with 14 1,000-yard seasons, including 11 straight from 1986-95.

Moss may be great, but when he's compared to Rice, it's hard to argue that he's the all-time greatest.