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The List: Things you'll see at a Lambeau tailgate

Saturday night's Minnesota-Green Bay grudge match isn't just a rematch of Week 17's best game; it is also a haven for the unique subculture of humanity known to us as "Packers fans."

Scott Boehm

An incomplete list of things you might see at the pre-game tailgates:

- cheese curds

- beer brats

- cheese brats

- beer curds

- apple clumps


- friendly woman who smells like beef tallow

- curdsicles

- Greek Go-gurt

- Leinenkugel's

- XXXXL blaze orange parkas

- "badger pie" (don't ask)

- prison beer

- goatees

- oh god so many goatees does no one have a chin?

- cottage cheeseburger

- offal streudel

- polka band

- beer-battered hooves

- statue of Aaron Rodgers in repose made from the yellow foam used for the Cheesehead hats

- gouda snakes (?)

- van with "CHEESE US IS THE REASON FOR THE SEIZIN" stenciled on the side

- venison cheese steaks

- bag of suet

- Fred Durst