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Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett are decidedly not best friends

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The Boston Celtics took down the New York Knicks Monday night at Madison Square Garden. Over the course of the game, it got pretty heated. Apparently, things might have spilled over into the post game as well.

Bruce Bennett

Things got a bit testy at the end of the Celtics vs. Knicks game Monday night. Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett exchanged words and were given double technicals. That's to be expected in a close game between these two quasi-rivals. But what isn't expected is for that rivalry to continue once the final buzzer sounds.

Now, if that's true, the NBA probably isn't going to be too pleased about it. But I'm willing to bet that the league would be just fine with these two teams meeting for a seven-game series in the playoffs. Apparently, there was no fight or physical altercation, but getting this worked up about a regular-season game is a little strange. These two teams will meet again on Jan. 24 in Boston.

During the game, you can see Melo say some, uh, unkind words to Garnett as he walks to the bench. Now, I'm no lip-reader, but I don't think he's inviting KG to dinner.