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Larry Sanders will have none of Jared Dudley's layup

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Dudley barely even got it off.

Jared Dudley is not exactly known for his finishes at the rim. Larry Sanders is definitely known for preventing people from finishing at the rim. Jared Dudley knew full well his layup wasn't going anywhere. Jared Dudley's likely thought process in this instance:

- "No, Goran, please don't pass this to me."

- "Aw, hell."

- "It's okay, Jared, you're a virile, 6'7 human man. You can totally dunk this."

- "I totally cannot dunk this."

- "What if I just retire right now? Has anyone retired mid-fast break? I'd be such an iconoclast."

- "Whatever. He's totally gonna foul me. He fouls people all the time."

- "We'll just go with the ol' lay-- OW, ALL MY ORGANS".

- "No foul? No foul. I want to go home."

That probably shouldn't even count as a shot attempt. The only recorded history of this exchange will be the crater in the Bradley Center floor.