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Brian Burke fired: Why now?

Why did the Toronto Maple Leafs choose now to fire Brian Burke?

Richard Wolowicz

Brian Burke has been fired as the general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the immediate thought after "HOLY CRAP THEY FIRED BURKIE" is ... wait, why are they doing this right now?

The Leafs have been sitting idle for at least the last four months throughout the NHL lockout, and now, just a week and a half before the start of a shortened season, they've decided to make such a drastic move. Why didn't this happen months ago, over the summer when nothing else was going on?

Unless they already have a replacement lined up, Toronto will install an interim general manager, and that unlucky individual will have the stress of putting together a team with a week and a half of time between his hire and the start of the season. He'll have to oversee a short training camp and he'll have to make crucial roster decisions with just 10 days before his team's first game.

Talk about bizarre timing. Never a dull moment with you, Toronto Maple Leafs.