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World Series Game 2 Live Chat, Red Sox vs. Cardinals

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Click here for detailed instructions on how to make a ringtone out of Pedro Martinez saying "Wacha Wacha" over and over.

LosRangeros [11:18 PM]:

Beltran: on a bunch of painkillers

Grant Brisbee [11:17 PM]:

G’night everyone. Cardinals have the home-field advantage in a best-of-five series.

Grant Brisbee [11:15 PM]:

Cardinals are going to be good forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Grant Brisbee [11:15 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [11:15 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [11:15 PM]:

well thanks for joining us tonight, everyone! it was a lot of fun!

Jessy S [11:13 PM]:

NFL Score update: Panthers close to winning 31-16

Rob Neyer [11:13 PM]:

Oh, so Farrell’s going to let Nava make the last out of the game, against a guy who throws 100. That’ll probably get him benched until next May.

LosRangeros [11:12 PM]:

Without his helmet on, Saltalamacchia looks like Rowlf

Grant Brisbee [11:09 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [11:09 PM]:

Best part about this is when Shane Victorino looks like a stupid face:

Jessy S [11:08 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Joe is tired

Andrew Mearns [11:08 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Jurickson Profar was a year and two months old

Grant Brisbee [11:06 PM]:

Did Joe Buck say that “Animal” was a new song? That song came out when I had a ’65 Bug, long hair, and a brand-new copy of Super Mario World.

Bill Hanstock [11:05 PM]:

@Jessy S yeah but no one had ever played the cardinals at that point

Jessy S [11:05 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock Harry Carey once said that It is possible for any team to make an 9th inning comeback.

Bill Roper [11:03 PM]:

Re: Playing the ninth inning. Please, let’s not accidentally wake the Red Sox up…

Grant Brisbee [11:03 PM]:

Be badass if Trevor Rosenthal came out with a brown-flecked bowtie to support MRSA, though.

Bill Hanstock [11:01 PM]:

not sure why they’re even bothering to play the ninth inning

Grant Brisbee [10:59 PM]:

Reminder that when you’re watching Carlos Martinez in the 2014 NLCS, he’ll be a bonafide ace with a 17-13, 2.78 line

Grant Brisbee [10:57 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock

Bill Hanstock [10:56 PM]:

david lee roth slow-mo

Grant Brisbee [10:53 PM]:

Weird hop, right

Bill Hanstock [10:53 PM]:

lol shane looking terrified

Bill Hanstock [10:49 PM]:

i thought it was robert patrick

Grant Brisbee [10:48 PM]:

Wife legitimately said, “Hey, Martin Short!” when they panned to Paul Molitor.

janedoe007 [10:47 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Pink Moon

Grant Brisbee [10:47 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [10:47 PM]:

Kozma making the narrative from last night look silly:

Bill Hanstock [10:46 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [10:46 PM]:

Was more about Nick Drake. You’ve probably never heard of him.

Bill Hanstock [10:43 PM]:

grant shame on you

Grant Brisbee [10:42 PM]:

I’ve gotten into a lot of music in my time. Never could care for James Taylor one lick.

Rob Neyer [10:38 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [10:38 PM]:

nah the cardinals are going to win this game and the next three. good effort, american league

Rob Neyer [10:38 PM]:

Rob Neyer [10:37 PM]:

Wanna see two tweets that can’t both be true? ……

Grant Brisbee [10:36 PM]:

@Jessy S Not yet! Baseball.

Jessy S [10:34 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Maybe it is time to declare the Red Sox dead, at least for this game.

Grant Brisbee [10:33 PM]:

“It was 20 years ago today … o beautiful for spacious …’

Grant Brisbee [10:32 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [10:31 PM]:

a dumb GIF of a dumb play

Grant Brisbee [10:31 PM]:

janedoe007 [10:28 PM]:

This is where Metheny uses his one inter-league lifeline per Series and brings in Kimbrel please.

Bill Hanstock [10:26 PM]:

Jerks 4
Idiots 2

Jessy S [10:25 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee And the Royals play in Missouri at the Truman Sports Complex.

Grant Brisbee [10:24 PM]:

Kozma and Jay, gettin’ shit done, just like we expected

Bill Hanstock [10:24 PM]:

congrats to the cardinals

Andrew Mearns [10:24 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [10:23 PM]:

Sakity Yaks

janedoe007 [10:23 PM]:

Saltalamacchia & Campiri.

Grant Brisbee [10:22 PM]:

Not a strike. Good eye.

Grant Brisbee [10:22 PM]:

Also, that was a strike. Computers, what say you?

Grant Brisbee [10:22 PM]:

John Lackey looks like someone who thinks he’s in Kansas when he’s playing the Royals.

Bill Hanstock [10:21 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [10:20 PM]:

Wow. That’s the double steal Dusty was looking for in the 2012 NLDS

Andrew Mearns [10:20 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee True. Think I’d rather keep him in the lineup though. Even when slumping, strong righties can occasionally pop one over the Monster.

Grant Brisbee [10:18 PM]:

@Andrew Mearns Weird, but he hasn’t looked right in the field or at the plate this postseason

Rob Neyer [10:18 PM]:

Uh-oh. Pinch-running with Kozma means he can’t pinch-hit later.

Bill Hanstock [10:18 PM]:

it’s not just you!

Grant Brisbee [10:18 PM]:

Andrew Mearns [10:17 PM]:

Is it just me or does it seem like a really weird move to take Freese out of the game just to pinch-run in the 7th?

Jessy S [10:15 PM]:

Here’s a tip for shortening the game, Ban all pitching changes during any given inning. Also ban the DH in all of organized baseball and force the pitcher to bat three times.

Bill Hanstock [10:12 PM]:

@janedoe007 haha

Jessy S [10:11 PM]:

Jon Jay could be a hero.

Clay Wendler [10:08 PM]:

janedoe007 [10:08 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock Did he overthrow the plate?

Clay Wendler [10:07 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [10:07 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [10:06 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [10:06 PM]:

i am interested in that news item

Bill Hanstock [10:06 PM]:

whoa local news is teasing footage of yasiel puig pitching to little leaguers

Grant Brisbee [10:06 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [10:06 PM]:


Bill Hanstock [10:05 PM]:

@janedoe007 probably ortiz will start a game and napoli will start a game. then the “hot hand” in game 5 (if necessary)

Jessy S [10:04 PM]:

I am interested in the world Series as well. (reply went through before I could complete it).

Jessy S [10:04 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee I am interested in the

janedoe007 [10:00 PM]:

Guess this means Ortiz will be playing 1st Base in St. Louis?

Rob Neyer [9:59 PM]:

but weren’t there some hints that Wacha’s stuff was getting weak?

Bill Hanstock [9:59 PM]:

well that’s uh

Rob Neyer [9:59 PM]:

I’m going to say this just half-heartedly because second-guessing is lame…

Grant Brisbee [9:59 PM]:


Seth Rosenthal [9:58 PM]:

Also, hi! Baseball! Home run!

Seth Rosenthal [9:58 PM]:

Grant, if you’ve never seen Junior Senior performing that song live, it’s worth a look:

Grant Brisbee [9:58 PM]:

When David Ortiz led the Red Sox to the 2004 World Series win, Michael Wacha was 13.

Grant Brisbee [9:53 PM]:

@Jessy S log off

Grant Brisbee [9:53 PM]:

Man, I forgot that Junior Senior song existed. I need to get that again.

Jessy S [9:50 PM]:

NFL Update: Carolina leading Tampa Bay 14-6

Grant Brisbee [9:48 PM]:

Also, excellent Holliday face on that.

Grant Brisbee [9:48 PM]:

Man, ain’t nothing better than a 1-0 game

janedoe007 [9:43 PM]:

@WhereThere’sAWillieThere’sAMays Must have confused Napoli for BrianWilson.

Bill Hanstock [9:41 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [9:41 PM]:

i think about this guy:

Bill Hanstock [9:41 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee tomax and xamot? no

Grant Brisbee [9:40 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [9:40 PM]:

Am I the only one who thinks about these guys every time Bogaerts is up?

Jessy S [9:40 PM]:

@WhereThere’sAWillieThere’sAMays Must have seen a beach ball somewhere in the stands.

Bill Hanstock [9:40 PM]:

bogaerts is not seeing these pitches at ALL

WhereThere'sAWillieThere'sAMays [9:39 PM]:

VERY IMPORTANT FOX DEPORTES UPDATE: The two broadcasters just sang nearly an entire verse of the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo.” Twice.

Rob Neyer [9:37 PM]:

“Wacha” is not as bad as “Balfour”.

Bill Hanstock [9:37 PM]:

always bunt!

Grant Brisbee [9:36 PM]:

Leadoff Wacha

4-6-3 [9:30 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee That seems like a bad trade-off. But thanks for the info.

Bill Hanstock [9:29 PM]:

jake peavy is hoping to stay within himself. NO ASTRAL PROJECTIONS

Bill Hanstock [9:28 PM]:

@WhereThere’sAWillieThere’sAMays so we should definitely be listening to that instead

WhereThere'sAWillieThere'sAMays [9:27 PM]:

Here is (my approximation of) the inning-ending popup on Fox Deportes: “¡Elevado! ¡WACHA WACHA WACHA de nuevo! ¡No se choké!”

Grant Brisbee [9:24 PM]:

janedoe007 [9:23 PM]:

Double. Wacha. Wacha Double Play!

Grant Brisbee [9:22 PM]:

Great feed from Descalso

Bill Hanstock [9:19 PM]:

i like holliday trying to deke the dude who plays there all the time

Grant Brisbee [9:19 PM]:

@4-6-3 Listen to talk radio. Literally heard one on the way to the store two hours ago.

4-6-3 [9:15 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee When did those sports tip hotline infomercials end? I was trying to chat up coworkers about them and no one knew what I was talking about.

4-6-3 [9:14 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock Is that what passes for pithy commentary now?

Bill Hanstock [9:13 PM]:

The Great Satan Made Flesh 1
Red Sox 0

Bill Hanstock [9:11 PM]:

knew i’d need to keep it handy

Grant Brisbee [9:11 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock hahaha

Grant Brisbee [9:10 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [9:10 PM]:


Bill Hanstock [9:10 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [9:10 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [9:10 PM]:

No way Yadier leaves that runner at third. That’s my lock of the week.

Bill Hanstock [9:09 PM]:

m’adams’ jiggling is hypnotic

Bill Hanstock [9:09 PM]:

@Daniel Russell no but it SHOULD be

Danny Russell [9:08 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock has this been tested? because most times, I just assume Joe Buck is sleeping

Bill Hanstock [9:07 PM]:

matt holliday leadoff triples, just like they drew it up

Grant Brisbee [9:07 PM]:

He was the voice of Bagheera the panther! And he was in a bunch of movies that Steven Goldman has seen.

Bill Hanstock [9:05 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [9:04 PM]:

Always meant to find out who Sebastian Cabot was. But that episode was before Google and HotBot was of no use.

Grant Brisbee [9:03 PM]:

4-6-3 [9:03 PM]:

Scout with the hot tip about Wacha’s effectiveness

Andrew Mearns [9:01 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock Valid point.

Bill Hanstock [9:00 PM]:

@Andrew Mearns he is relatable

Andrew Mearns [9:00 PM]:

Chris Carpenter looks so goddamn bored

Grant Brisbee [8:59 PM]:

Basically, your idea is horrible because of how horribly it could go wrong. Otherwise, it’s a good idea.

Grant Brisbee [8:59 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [8:59 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [8:58 PM]:


Bill Hanstock [8:58 PM]:

@4-6-3 nothing; x gon give it to ya

Bill Hanstock [8:58 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee would watch

4-6-3 [8:57 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee What did that X do to poor Gomes?

Grant Brisbee [8:57 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock White Sox/Marlins World Series, in Chicago

Bill Hanstock [8:56 PM]:

my belief is that in the postseason, the national television broadcast team should be the home team’s play-by-play guy and the away team’s color guy

janedoe007 [8:54 PM]:

Only realized this post season what a broadcast-analyst-stud Hershiser is. Shulman/Hershiser rule.

Grant Brisbee [8:54 PM]:

Lackey had a 4.80 ERA in his 30s with a below-average strikeout rate, then he missed a season because of injuries. Now he looks like this at 35. Baseball!

Grant Brisbee [8:48 PM]:

The Cardinals have the money to get a real center fielder and shortstop this offseason. Terrifying.

janedoe007 [8:47 PM]:

LOL Bochy Nah, just Silver explaining his approach over / unders. #rumsfeld

Jessy S [8:47 PM]:

@Daniel Russell Cards made the same accusation following Game 2 of the 2006 World Series vs Detroit. I believe Kenny Rogers had something black in his glove.

Grant Brisbee [8:45 PM]:

@robneyer I like that. Counterpoint: Randy Johnson

Bill Hanstock [8:43 PM]:

oh my god that sign

Danny Russell [8:42 PM]:

Pedroia on whether the Lester accusation had validity: “I don’t know what that word is, man. Arizona State education, bro.”

VoxMediaUser1428785 [8:41 PM]:

more like Walka

Clay Wendler [8:41 PM]:

LOLBochy [8:41 PM]:

@janedoe007 Are you sure that Brian Sabean didn’t say that?

Rob Neyer [8:41 PM]:

“I believe you need one pitch to pitch in the major leagues, two pitches to win, and three pitches to dominate.”

Rob Neyer [8:40 PM]:

Listening to the radio, and Orel Hershiser offered a fascinating (though of course simplistic aphorism) …

Grant Brisbee [8:39 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock And all of them came after someone on a unicycle ran into the opposing catcher.

Bill Hanstock [8:38 PM]:

it is more than bengie! bengie molina has three career stolen bases. Three.

janedoe007 [8:38 PM]:

Nate Silver: There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don’t know.

Danny Russell [8:38 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock Jose has 17, has to be more than Bengie

Grant Brisbee [8:37 PM]:

Yadier Molina had as many stolen bases in 2012 than J.J. Hardy and Manny Machado have combined for in their careers.

tslogan4 [8:37 PM]:

Mo Vaughn has 30

Bill Hanstock [8:37 PM]:

here’s a fun game: guess how many career stolen bases bengie and jose molina have. you’ll be surprised!

Grant Brisbee [8:36 PM]:

Adrian Gonzalez has five.

Grant Brisbee [8:35 PM]:

John Olerud had 11 stolen bases in his career.

Rob Neyer [8:35 PM]:

you’re a big fat liar brant grisbee

Grant Brisbee [8:34 PM]:

Every time Molina is on first base, I feel compelled to note that he stole 12 bases last year.

Bill Hanstock [8:34 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee yeah that graphic took a real turn at the end thre

Grant Brisbee [8:33 PM]:

Great stat about Lackey having the fourth-most starts between WS starts. Until I remember what his last WS start was …

Kurt Mensching [8:32 PM]:

freese should be at an advantage because it’s cold.

Bill Hanstock [8:32 PM]:

i hear this guy’s a real freese swinger

Kurt Mensching [8:30 PM]:

boy what an exciting interview

Jessy S [8:30 PM]:

@robneyer The NFL Network has the perfect counter programming, football.

Bill Hanstock [8:29 PM]:

i’ve been callin’ her crandall!

cumbordor [8:29 PM]:

why do i keep wanting to call him Gyro Molina

Rob Neyer [8:29 PM]:

MLB Network is showing a program about unsung postseason heroes. So much for counter-programming!

Jessy S [8:28 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee To be serious, it should be God given talent and not drugs.

Grant Brisbee [8:27 PM]:


Jessy S [8:27 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee So, Wacha’s a better doper?

Grant Brisbee [8:26 PM]:

Eighteen teams also passed on Roger Clemens for some reason. Clemens was from Texas, too. Basically, Michael Wacha is like Roger Clemens, but better.

Bill Hanstock [8:24 PM]:

@LosRangeros some how some way

Jessy S [8:24 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Had to be either of those yahoos.

LosRangeros [8:23 PM]:

does pedroia walk up to dr. dre?

Bill Hanstock [8:23 PM]:

At least there’s no pitch count.

Grant Brisbee [8:23 PM]:

@Jessy S Yes!

Jessy S [8:23 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Tim McCarver?

Kurt Mensching [8:23 PM]:

Maybe someone can introduce McCarver to B-Ref so he can look it up

Grant Brisbee [8:22 PM]:

@Jessy S Guess harder, dammit

Jessy S [8:22 PM]:

@Grant Brisbee Joe Buck?

Bill Hanstock [8:21 PM]:

yeah the sox are gettin no-hat tonight

Grant Brisbee [8:21 PM]:

“Sometimes, who you don’t sign, is as important, as who you sign.” — Guess which announcer! Go on!

LosRangeros [8:20 PM]:

do you think lackey will doctor the ball with chicken grease tonight?

Bill Hanstock [8:19 PM]:

can the red sox solve wacha? lol no

janedoe007 [8:19 PM]:

Waiting for Wacha is the hardest part.

LosRangeros [8:19 PM]:

Good Lord, Wacha has been dominant this postseason.

Grant Brisbee [8:18 PM]:

Bill Hanstock [8:16 PM]:

@Jessy S they can do anything

Bill Hanstock [8:16 PM]:

Jeremy’s Parents 0

Jessy S [8:16 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock The Mythbusters maybe could whip up a faster fastball.

Bill Hanstock [8:14 PM]:

i bet like 104 mph is the hardest fastball a pitcher can throw but i’m no expert

Grant Brisbee [8:14 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [8:14 PM]:

Until we get that Gomes GIF, here’s my favorite Gomes GIF ever:

Grant Brisbee [8:12 PM]:

aw man

Grant Brisbee [8:12 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [8:11 PM]:

I still can’t believe he’s good again. Not only that, but there was that injury early in the year where it looked like his elbow melted.

Bill Hanstock [8:10 PM]:

got a feeling lackey is going to get knocked around tonight

Bill Hanstock [8:09 PM]:

oh did you remember to get marshmallow fluff

Grant Brisbee [8:08 PM]:

Man, I was running around the store 20 minutes ago like a Puig because I thought I was going to miss first pitch. You’d think I would remember the half-hour of fluff.

Bill Hanstock [8:04 PM]:

the dropkick murphys made more money last year than did A-Rod

Rob Neyer [8:03 PM]:

you know Erin Andrews isn’t actually a reporter, right?

LOLBochy [8:02 PM]:

Since when did reporters stop asking real questions? They now ask BS questions that presuppose an answer. “How important is it for you to split here in Boston?” Well, Miss Bimbo, it’s not fucking important at all!

Bill Hanstock [8:02 PM]:

like people are looking at the easter island head of buck and being all “WHERE’S MCCARVER? IS HE SICK?”

Bill Hanstock [8:02 PM]:

i never understand the need to reveal mccarver

Bill Hanstock [8:00 PM]:

o beautiful o say

Grant Brisbee [8:00 PM]:

James Taylor started the Anthem with “O’ beautiful.” Reminds me of the time TBS played five seconds of “Written in the Stars” before cutting to “This Train.”

Bill Hanstock [7:57 PM]:


Grant Brisbee [7:57 PM]:

James Taylor in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is like Danny Ainge being in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Clay Wendler [7:56 PM]:

he sure did!

Bill Hanstock [7:56 PM]:

forgot the words

Rob Neyer [7:56 PM]:

From the Dept. of Good Information:

LOLBochy [7:54 PM]:

So Detroit is a foreign country?

Grant Brisbee [7:52 PM]:

Jerry’s wireless company $1,093
Jerry’s poor, angry parents Poor, angry

Grant Brisbee [7:48 PM]:

Matt Vasgersian with an Alanistastic understanding of irony right there.

Grant Brisbee [7:47 PM]:

@Bill Hanstock The whole face part of the face.

Bill Hanstock [7:45 PM]:

oh boy that award still looks unfortunate

Bill Hanstock [7:43 PM]:

what’s the worst part of Pierzynski’s face? i’m gonna say it’s his face

Bill Hanstock [7:36 PM]:

i have Lackeyf*** dot GIF on standby because it must always be on standby when Lackey is pitching

Micah. [7:29 PM]:

LOLBochy [7:26 PM]:

Salty likes his subservient subjects

Grant Brisbee [7:24 PM]:

I’m not sure what happened after Salty drew Bogaert’s lackey. I’m just reporting the facts.

Grant Brisbee [7:23 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [7:23 PM]:

LOLBochy [7:23 PM]:


Bill Hanstock [7:20 PM]:

thanks grant. good to be back

Clay Wendler [7:16 PM]:

Grant Brisbee [7:14 PM]:

Welcome back!