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How to download Breaking Madden rosters, play as BEEFTANK, and wreck some fools

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It wouldn't be fair for me to keep BEEFTANK to myself. If you have an Xbox 360, a copy of Madden NFL 25, and an Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can download the rosters you've seen in Breaking Madden. Here's how.

Over the last little while, some of y'all have asked me to upload the rosters I've used in Breaking Madden, so that's what I've gone and done. This brief tutorial will show you how to download these jokers.


- An Xbox 360
- A copy of Madden NFL 25
- An active Xbox Live Gold subscription

Go to the Share tab and select Download Community Files.



Enter "jonboiskov," my Xbox Live gamertag. You should see a list of my roster files.


Then just select the one you want to download, and you should be all set. (To make sure this is the roster you're playing with, you may want to go back to the home screen, then hit the Customize tab --> Manage files --> Load and delete files --> Roster tab.)

These are the files I'm making available for download:

BEEFTANK. This features the roster from Week 6 of Breaking Madden, otherwise known as BEEFTANK's triumphant return. He's the Jaguars' quarterback, the Jacksonville receivers are all flawless 7-foot monsters, and the Broncos' offensive players are playing the wrong positions.

VINCE. I created Vince Young, set all his rushing abilities as high as they would go, and made him the Texans' starter. All his fellow offensive starters are 7-foot monsters. The Chiefs' defenders are set to "zero" in every skill rating besides Injury.

That's a really fun one. I managed to keep Vince on his feet for nearly 90 seconds. Maybe you can do better.

SCHIANO. I replaced the entire Buccaneers roster with 44 identical clones of coach Greg Schiano, and I installed monstrous sack-bots on the Panthers' defensive line. This one got real ugly, y'all. Feel free to play as the Bucs if you hate yourself and the sport of football.

One other note: before playing the games you saw simulated in Breaking Madden, I also fooled around with the CPU sliders. In case you want to get even sillier, I encourage you to mess around with those. From the home screen, go to the Customize tab --> Help and settings --> Settings, then look through Player Skill and CPU Skill.

Enjoy, y'all! This is the first time I've done this, so I hope it works. If you have any issues, please let me know in the comments.