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NFL, Week 8 live coverage

Join retired NFL defensive end Stephen White and the rest of SB Nation's NFL experts to parse the happenings during Sunday's action.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Above average, explicit use of RBs in the passing game

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:54 PM]:

@Clay Wendler I don’t think that’s the plan….Tamba, Houston, and Poe on the other hand…look out horse face!

Ryan Van Bibber [7:53 PM]:

News and highlights from the Packers vs. Vikings game in our story stream

Ryan Van Bibber [7:50 PM]:

Plenty of Sunday Night Football chatter at Acme Packing Co. and Daily Norseman

Ryan Van Bibber [7:49 PM]:

we’re gonna be closing up shop for Live today

Clay Wendler [7:46 PM]:

Mark Ennis [7:42 PM]:

@Oh No Romo Sunday Night game is a pukefest so i think we’re closing it up after this.

Oh No Romo [7:40 PM]:

Were you guys doing the live blog for the Sunday Night game?

Stephen White [7:37 PM]:

Stephen White [7:36 PM]:

Amazing how different he looks after his dark days in Philly

Stephen White [7:35 PM]:

DRC pick siiiiiiiiiiix to finish this off in style

Oh No Romo [7:35 PM]:

DRC Pick Six wow

Stephen White [7:33 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber bad OLine. This was kind of a trap game though. Long road trip vs rested team with mobile, unpredictable QB. Still ended up making it a game, I think they will be fine next week

Ryan Van Bibber [7:31 PM]:

what happened there? Cap issues, age?

Ryan Van Bibber [7:31 PM]:

man, the Steelers are a shit show

Oh No Romo [7:30 PM]:

Tis Cousins time

Oh No Romo [7:27 PM]:

Ryan got drilled on a blitz as he released the ball too, so that didn’t help

Oh No Romo [7:26 PM]:

Another Matt Ryan interception, this time on fourth down.

Oh No Romo [7:25 PM]:


ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:24 PM]:

@Mark Ennis That AFC West though :D

Mark Ennis [7:24 PM]:

Never pegged the Raiders for even mediocre this year.

Stephen White [7:23 PM]:

And they don’t, Raiders recover

Oh No Romo [7:23 PM]:

Raiders recover

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:22 PM]:

in a hilarious strike of irony, a raiders fan shown after a 2 point conversion by the steelers shares a striking resemblance to ben roethlisberger LOL

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

Steelers have to get the onside kick now

Stephen White [7:22 PM]:

And Sanders just sonned the whole Raiders D for the 2 pt conversion

Oh No Romo [7:21 PM]:

Little bit of improvising on the end around by Sanders

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:21 PM]:

@sgw94 wow! what athleticism

Stephen White [7:20 PM]:

Pitt scores a TD. Need a two point conversion to be down 3

Oh No Romo [7:20 PM]:

TD Steelers and it looks like they’ll go for 2

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:19 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber thanks. so they have the 2 division home games left then who else?

Oh No Romo [7:19 PM]:

Roethlisberger nearly got sacked, bad throw, picked off, but gets bailed out by defensive holding

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:19 PM]:

@sgw94 Today Enver showed that while they have no D, they at least have a better one that washington.

Ryan Van Bibber [7:19 PM]:

@DallasChiefsFan25 this is their fifth home game

Stephen White [7:19 PM]:

Nobody ’s WR screens work as well consistently as the Broncos smh

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

Or 17, whichever

Stephen White [7:18 PM]:

Broncos looked pretty bad today, still scored 31 and will probably win by at least 10

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:16 PM]:

How many games has Enver played at home so far?

Stephen White [7:16 PM]:

Then RGIII throws a pick when Garçon falls down

Oh No Romo [7:16 PM]:

/Throws interception

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:15 PM]:

oh ffs.

Ryan Van Bibber [7:15 PM]:

Christ almighty

Oh No Romo [7:15 PM]:

Of course, that interception doesn’t help with momentum if you lose four yards on the first play

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:14 PM]:

@sgw94 Yes!! turning back now.

Oh No Romo [7:14 PM]:

Manning picked off by Pugh

Stephen White [7:14 PM]:

Peyton throws a pick…

Ryan Van Bibber [7:14 PM]:

what a bizarre INT

Stephen White [7:13 PM]:

Raiders trying to close out their game finally get Big Ben on the ground

Oh No Romo [7:13 PM]:

Roethlisberger sacked right at the 2 minute warning.

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:13 PM]:

@sgw94 mob mentality, smh.

Stephen White [7:12 PM]:

@DallasChiefsFan25 yep, to Rambo

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:12 PM]:

@sgw94 They booed another injury? wow.

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:11 PM]:

@stephen white they booed another injury? wow.

Stephen White [7:10 PM]:

Sure Broncos fans, a team with a depleted secondary had a safety fake an injury…against Peyton. Sure.

Stephen White [7:09 PM]:

@Oh No Romo so true

ChiefsFanInDallas25 [7:09 PM]:

I had to turn away from the donkeys game.. ugh

Oh No Romo [7:07 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [7:06 PM]:

it’s worth pointing out, again, that RGIII has a pretty awful team around him

Oh No Romo [7:06 PM]:

@sgw94 If RGIII keeps taking hits like that, he’ll be falling apart.

Ryan Van Bibber [7:06 PM]:

@PFT Commenter lol

Stephen White [7:05 PM]:

Redskins offense juts falling apart now

PFT Commenter [7:04 PM]:

prety hilarious to imagine Kluwe getting the call to punt 4 the Skins and watching himstruggle w/ him being a wuss & the name

Clay Wendler [7:03 PM]:

Oh No Romo [7:02 PM]:

Denver has 26 first downs today, 21 from passing

Stephen White [7:01 PM]:

PFT Commenter [7:01 PM]:

i want 2 b the guy whose job it is to say whether its a shovel pass or a toss im going heavy on shovel pass thats kind’ve my style

Oh No Romo [7:00 PM]:

Washington has to be gassed on D, right?

Stephen White [7:00 PM]:

Von beat Trent Williams clean with a bull-snatch move.

Stephen White [6:59 PM]:

Von Miller with the strip sack of RGIII and Broncos recover

Ryan Van Bibber [6:58 PM]:

pretty good look at some nice run blocking

Stephen White [6:56 PM]:

Stephen White [6:54 PM]:


Oh No Romo [6:54 PM]:

Very good blocking for Moreno, nobody was near him

Stephen White [6:54 PM]:

Broncos score on a Moreno screen, 28-21 Broncos up

Stephen White [6:53 PM]:

Matt Simms trier a hurdle for a first down. Ended about like youd imagine it would

Oh No Romo [6:53 PM]:

D’ahhh! Go Pro parachute footage!

Stephen White [6:52 PM]:

James Harrison sighting, with a sack

Oh No Romo [6:52 PM]:

Stephen White [6:52 PM]:

Oakland only up 11 now btw, offense just not making anything happen

Oh No Romo [6:51 PM]:

Horrible punt

Stephen White [6:51 PM]:

Washington WRs put vaseline rather than stickum on their gloves, evidently

Stephen White [6:49 PM]:

Morgan shouldve made that catch, tried to do it with one hand.

Stephen White [6:47 PM]:

Washington frittered away the lead, had a great opportunity to win

Stephen White [6:46 PM]:

Raiders cant sack Big Ben, throws a TD. And tie game in Denver after Peyton throws a flat route to Dressen at the goalline

Stephen White [6:45 PM]:

I love watching Lamarr Houston play.

Stephen White [6:44 PM]:

Stephen White [6:42 PM]:

Moreno stopped on the one inch line on 3rd down.

Oh No Romo [6:42 PM]:

Final Stat Line for Geno: 20-for-30 for 159 yards, two interceptions, three sacks, 51.9 QB rating

Stephen White [6:42 PM]:

Oh No Romo [6:41 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber 2 pick sixes, both in the second half.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:39 PM]:

@Oh No Romo how many is that for Geno?

Oh No Romo [6:39 PM]:

Matt Simms sighting for the Jets

PFT Commenter [6:38 PM]:

if a reciever asks for a flag and doesnt get it they should have 2 play DB for a series IMO

Stephen White [6:37 PM]:

Gotta make Peyton throw outside the numbers. He is in a groove now

Stephen White [6:36 PM]:

Pac Man pick six gets the Bengals one point from putting a 50 burger on the Jets. Geno up and down all season

Stephen White [6:35 PM]:

Matt Ryan and Carson Palmer switched bodies, thats the only explanation I can come up with.

Oh No Romo [6:34 PM]:

Another Geno pick six

Stephen White [6:31 PM]:

Stephen White [6:29 PM]:

Vickerson is the dumbest dumb person Ive ever seen. They ought not to let him play anymore today

Stephen White [6:29 PM]:

Maybe Dalton has turned a corner. Everytime i think that he shows some regression though so its going to take some convincing that this point

Stephen White [6:26 PM]:

Oh No Romo [6:26 PM]:

Stephen White [6:24 PM]:

Stephen White [6:23 PM]:

TD Montee Ball, moving the pile

Oh No Romo [6:22 PM]:

Stephen White [6:22 PM]:

Run the damn ball, Peyton

Stephen White [6:21 PM]:

Yeah well I WILL keep hating that overrated jerk

Stephen White [6:20 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [6:20 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [6:20 PM]:

someone said this

Oh No Romo [6:18 PM]:

Somebody for Washington might want to keep an eye on Welker

Stephen White [6:18 PM]:

Welker makes everything better

Stephen White [6:17 PM]:

I thought it was the other QB in this game that we expected picks from.

Clay Wendler [6:17 PM]:

Stephen White [6:12 PM]:

Ok so D Hall pulled him down, same difference right? No call, Washington up 21-7. If the Broncos don’t get their ish together they might end up embarrassed at home

Stephen White [6:11 PM]:

Annnnnd Manning pick siiiiiiiiiiix after his WR fell down. D Hall, of course. Of course.

Oh No Romo [6:10 PM]:


PFT Commenter [6:10 PM]:

starting2 like this morris fella on account of he get that foot in the ground,, when the announcers were talking about him being a 1 cut player i thought they mean he sold good drugs- that was my mistake i admit that

Stephen White [6:10 PM]:

Suisham with another miss. Wow, when it rains it pours Steelers

Clay Wendler [6:08 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [6:07 PM]:

Mike Shanahan approves

Stephen White [6:06 PM]:

Thankfully they picked that ridiculous flag up

Stephen White [6:05 PM]:

Morris punches it in for Washington, now up 14-7 over the listless Broncos

Stephen White [6:05 PM]:

That is one of the worst personal foul penalties Ive seen in the Raiders Steelers game. Like, seriously.

Ryan Van Bibber [6:05 PM]:

Broncos lead the league in fumbles … i did not know that

Stephen White [6:03 PM]:

Peyton actually tackled a dude to keep him from the ball, Washington still recovered

Stephen White [6:02 PM]:

Manning fuuuuumble

Stephen White [6:02 PM]:

That won’t help

Clay Wendler [5:59 PM]:

Stephen White [5:59 PM]:

Sheesh, another Steelers OLineman hurt smh

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

Geno throws a pick siiiiiiiiiix smh. Jets might catch a 50 burger today.

Stephen White [5:52 PM]:

And John Abraham ends the half with a sack of Matty Ice

Ryan Van Bibber [5:49 PM]:

one more INT today and Palmer’s record moves to 6 straight games w/ multiple INTs

Stephen White [5:45 PM]:

Stephen White [5:44 PM]:


Stephen White [5:43 PM]:

Hankerson TD catch, flag on Broncos. Tie game….7-7

Stephen White [5:42 PM]:

Oh and Arizona is up over the Falcons 21-6. Just how bad are my Buccaneers? SMDH

Ryan Van Bibber [5:41 PM]:

Moss didn’t make the catch, but, still, perfect throw

Ryan Van Bibber [5:41 PM]:

beautiful throw by RGIII there

Stephen White [5:41 PM]:

Cincy up 28-6 over the Jets at halftime.

Stephen White [5:39 PM]:

People will trash the Steelers after this game, Im sure. But like i said, the Raiders will give a lot of folks fits in the second half of the season.

Ryan Van Bibber [5:39 PM]:

Stephen White [5:38 PM]:


Stephen White [5:38 PM]:

Stephen White [5:37 PM]:

Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

And the ref is right. Acho for the Broncos is down

Stephen White [5:36 PM]:

Tip drill aga….nope ref says incomplete

Ryan Van Bibber [5:30 PM]:

Stephen White [5:29 PM]:

Raiders up 21-3 on the Steelers. Raiders will surprise a lot of people at home the rest of the way

Stephen White [5:27 PM]:

Ellington with the house call from 80 yards out

Stephen White [5:25 PM]:

Jordan Reed hasn’t cooled off since last week

Clay Wendler [5:25 PM]:

Stephen White [5:24 PM]:

Goodness RGIII got murdalized by two blitzers but he completes the pass for a 1st down

Stephen White [5:23 PM]:

Nice run by Alfred Morris

Stephen White [5:21 PM]:

Stephen White [5:20 PM]:

Annnnnnd we’re punting

Stephen White [5:18 PM]:

He ran a draw on that play as a RB

Stephen White [5:18 PM]:

Wow, Trindon Holliday just got clotheslined

Stephen White [5:17 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [5:16 PM]:

@sgw94 got a lot of yards last season in StL with his eyes and those tree trunk legs

Stephen White [5:16 PM]:

D Thomas with a great one handed catch of his own with Hall all over him

Stephen White [5:15 PM]:

Broncos came out on fire, now again everything is just kinda sputtering along. Still 7-0 over Washington

Clay Wendler [5:13 PM]:

Stephen White [5:13 PM]:

Steven Jackson has always kinda looked like a fullback, now he is starting to run like one however

Clay Wendler [5:10 PM]:

most exciting 1/2-yard gain there from RGIII

Stephen White [5:08 PM]:

Turns out that was the longest run ever by a QB that Pryor pulled off earlier

Clay Wendler [5:01 PM]:

PFT Commenter [4:59 PM]:

whatever happen to fundamentals today? you just know Lombardis smhing

PFT Commenter [4:59 PM]:


Stephen White [4:58 PM]:

And then, derp

Stephen White [4:57 PM]:

Wow what a one handed catch by Garçon

Clay Wendler [4:56 PM]:

Stephen White [4:55 PM]:

Stephen White [4:52 PM]:

Stephen White [4:51 PM]:

What a shift in momentum in Cincy. Should’ve put Gio back in

Stephen White [4:49 PM]:

Of all the options that ref had to go with, out of bounds, down by contact, TD he went with the most wrong of all, touchback.

Stephen White [4:47 PM]:

Polamalu int after Pryor sails it over his WR’s head

Stephen White [4:44 PM]:

Either a TD or out of bounds for Gio

Stephen White [4:44 PM]:

Touchback? Nah

Ryan Van Bibber [4:42 PM]:

@Brandon ‘B G’ Garner maybe he can do it for the defense

Stephen White [4:41 PM]:

Abraham just misses the sack on Matty Ice but Bernard does not.

Stephen White [4:39 PM]:

Interesting blocking technique by the Falcons LT

Stephen White [4:35 PM]:

Stephen White [4:34 PM]:

Welker out route from slot, short TD

Stephen White [4:34 PM]:

The machine that is the Broncos offense looks to be hitting on all cylinders again

Brandon 'B G' Garner [4:31 PM]:

Guess we won’t see Dez Bryant in tears defending his QB huh?

mgowp8 [4:31 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Poor Larry Fitz

Stephen White [4:30 PM]:

Dalton to Gresham, easy money. 14-0 Gonna be a long day for the Jets.

Ryan Nanni [4:28 PM]:

I just want you all to see this:

Stephen White [4:28 PM]:

If i was as good as Dez and the QB didnt look my way before throwing the ball away on 3rd down and he wasn’t about to be sacked Id act a damn fool too. Sorry, not sorry.

Stephen White [4:26 PM]:

Yep, 14-0 Raiders

Stephen White [4:26 PM]:

So….Raiders about to score again, huh?

Brandon 'B G' Garner [4:25 PM]:

man Dez is really tripping… it really isn’t his fault this has occurred.. just calm it down dude..

Matt Ufford [4:24 PM]:

I desperately want the Lions to blow the PAT. GIVE ME OVERTIME.

Mark Ennis [4:23 PM]:

Good thing nobody likes the Cowboys.

vlad3217 [4:23 PM]:

Did anyone besides stafford know that was about to happen?

Stephen White [4:23 PM]:

Stafford jumps over for surprise sneak TD after Megatron up the seam to the one. And im about to fix a drink. Brb

Dewane Zebra [4:22 PM]:

Bed-shitting Cowboys know how to shit bed.

Ryan Van Bibber [4:22 PM]:


Brandon 'B G' Garner [4:22 PM]:

Yep, how about them Cowboys…

Matt Ufford [4:22 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [4:22 PM]:


Stephen White [4:22 PM]:


Stephen White [4:21 PM]:


Matt Ufford [4:20 PM]:

300 yards now.

Stephen White [4:19 PM]:

So….still, Megatron amirite?

Ryan Nanni [4:19 PM]:

STAFFORD TIME! (dry heaves)

PFT Commenter [4:17 PM]:

that was technicly a handoff to himself NOT a qb run

PFT Commenter [4:17 PM]:

read option is dead

Ryan Van Bibber [4:17 PM]:

Never bet against the Cowboys to blow a lead in hte last minute

Clay Wendler [4:16 PM]:

Stephen White [4:16 PM]:

Not really that hard

Stephen White [4:16 PM]:

Fg range or let em kneel

Stephen White [4:16 PM]:

Cowboys got a holding penalty. Hard decision

Stephen White [4:14 PM]:

Stop. Losing. Yards. Run into the line so we can try a FG

Stephen White [4:13 PM]:

If they throw the ball here i will walk to Dallas and wring the whole offensive staff’s necks. /joking /maybe

Oh No Romo [4:12 PM]:

So final play for Cleveland was a pass to Josh Gordon, followed by a spike as time expired.

Mark Ennis [4:12 PM]:

Stephen White [4:12 PM]:

Game, blouses

Mark Ennis [4:11 PM]:

Pettigrew should’ve caught that.

Stephen White [4:11 PM]:

4th and 12 for the Lions backed up ûnder 2mins left

Stephen White [4:10 PM]:


Stephen White [4:10 PM]:

Love that oass rush game by the Cowboys. Like Tex game but nose wraps around. Nobody left to block him.

Mark Ennis [4:09 PM]:

Stephen White [4:08 PM]:

Hatcher is ballin, should get paid soon

Mark Ennis [4:08 PM]:

Stephen White [4:07 PM]:

Need 13 yards Cowboys basically call for 4 verticals. Shouldve just run the damn balle

PFT Commenter [4:07 PM]:

may be the worse INT of the League year right there in Miami he overthrew that so bad the Vikings traded 4 him

Ryan Nanni [4:07 PM]:


Stephen White [4:06 PM]:


Mark Ennis [4:05 PM]:

oh boy. Obvious throwing down for Dallas with a chance to ice the game. Romo duff’s it and Twitter will break.

Stephen White [4:04 PM]:

Follow that up with a 3 yard loss on a TFL by Levy. Dude is super fast at LB

Stephen White [4:04 PM]:

Huge PI by the Lions on an errant Romo pass to Dez for a quick slant

Mark Ennis [4:03 PM]:

PFT Commenter [4:03 PM]:

is alex smith Elite?

Stephen White [4:03 PM]:

If by lights out you mean still completing less than 50% of his passes, sure.

Ryan Nanni [4:03 PM]:

@sgw94 Pair him with Davone Bess. Destroy everything.

Matt Ufford [4:03 PM]:

Bess with a drop to lose the game for the Browns. Fitting.

Stephen White [4:02 PM]:

Matt Barkley 3 fumbles, 1 lost and an interception.

Ryan Nanni [4:00 PM]:


Stephen White [3:59 PM]:

Was that another Barkley turnover?

Brandon 'B G' Garner [3:59 PM]:

@Mark Ennis maybe they need a Quinoa?? ijs

Mark Ennis [3:58 PM]:

Eagles haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in eight quarters.

Stephen White [3:58 PM]:

Bush in for the TD. 27-24 Cowboys with a little more than 3 minutes left

Stephen White [3:57 PM]:

Stafford just got blasted at the 1

Matt Ufford [3:57 PM]:

Goodness gracious, Calvin Johnson.

Mark Ennis [3:57 PM]:

I bet Calvin Johnson makes all the other WRs so insecure in practice.

Stephen White [3:55 PM]:

Jordan Cameron ain’t worried about nuthin

Mark Ennis [3:55 PM]:

Stephen White [3:55 PM]:

Then FG blocked. Go home Dolphins, you’re drunk.

Stephen White [3:54 PM]:

Running back blows the kick protection, Tannehill sacked by who else, Nincovich

PFT Commenter [3:54 PM]:

thats football 101

PFT Commenter [3:54 PM]:

Dez should of taken a knee at the1

Stephen White [3:54 PM]:

Fins going awful slow down 2 scores

Brandon 'B G' Garner [3:53 PM]:


Mark Ennis [3:53 PM]:


Oh No Romo [3:53 PM]:

Oh my, Megatron

Stephen White [3:52 PM]:

Matt Ufford [3:52 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [3:51 PM]:

Mark Ennis [3:51 PM]:

If you’d like to know how to not properly defend any part of a smash route, the Lions are the prototype right there.

Stephen White [3:51 PM]:

50 yard TD. Most of it on by him after a corner route completion vs cover 2

Ryan Nanni [3:51 PM]:

ahahaha that db on the ground thinking “aw, shit.”

Brandon 'B G' Garner [3:50 PM]:

that was an awesome catch and run by Dez

Mark Ennis [3:50 PM]:

Dez is awesome. Just awesome.

Oh No Romo [3:50 PM]:

Romo to Dez

Stephen White [3:50 PM]:


Mark Ennis [3:49 PM]:

Oh No Romo [3:49 PM]:

Very good return by Dwayne Harris.

Mark Ennis [3:49 PM]:

LOL Detroit kicker tackle “attempt”

PFT Commenter [3:47 PM]:

if youve got your hopes pinned on Jason Cambell showing up, you better be waiting on a parcel

Ryan Van Bibber [3:46 PM]:

@Run Home Jack really can’t recommend that enough

Stephen White [3:46 PM]:

And Bell punches it in so 20-17 Cowboys.

Stephen White [3:45 PM]:

Megatron shook Carr so bad he fell down on a simple quick in route. Ball at the one

Mark Ennis [3:45 PM]:

Stephen White [3:44 PM]:

Oh man the Dallas defense is gonna get clowned for this last play. Bell reversed field and nobody knew where the ball was

Ryan Nanni [3:44 PM]:

Dammit, Browns. We needed you to ruin the Sunday of every dipshit Chiefs commenter.

Stephen White [3:44 PM]:

Bush might have a stinger

Stephen White [3:43 PM]:

They call that a PI on Scandrick but a similar play on Williams they picked up the flag.

Mark Ennis [3:43 PM]:

If you just watch out of the corner of your eye, the Dolphins head coach is Woody Harrelson.

Matt Ufford [3:42 PM]:

Ah, THERE’S the non-Barkley offensive option for Philly.

Stephen White [3:42 PM]:

Bess is having the kind of game the (now) former Titans RB Reynaud had last week. Sheesh.

PFT Commenter [3:41 PM]:

saying Mike Vick would be a gr8 QB if he wasnt hurt all time is like saying Lincon would of been a great president if he didnt like the theater so much and also didnt start the civil war

Oh No Romo [3:41 PM]:

Bess fumbles the punt and Kansas City gets the ball. That was bad

Ryan Nanni [3:41 PM]:

Browns’d it.

Stephen White [3:39 PM]:

Ridley in for the TD and Pats look like they will steal another game

Stephen White [3:38 PM]:

Hope Miles Austin is renting

Ryan Nanni [3:38 PM]:

@sgw94 Simms liked it, though, so you know it must be oh wait.

Stephen White [3:38 PM]:


Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

Blount down to the 1

Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

Pays helpled by a shaky officiating call? Guess things are back to normal

Stephen White [3:37 PM]:

Joe Philbin looks like a middle school science teacher

Mark Ennis [3:36 PM]:

Sure he’s doing this against a Big 12 defense, but just wait until Terrence Williams is in the NFL.

Matt Ufford [3:35 PM]:

@Mark Ennis hey, a car rolling down a hill in neutral can still get a first down.

Stephen White [3:35 PM]:

T Williams TD catch for the Cowboys. Quick slant for about 50 yards

Mark Ennis [3:35 PM]:

Tom Brady just has the extra gear. In addition to reverse…

Stephen White [3:35 PM]:

Blount is just pounding the Fins defense right now

Stephen White [3:34 PM]:


Matt Ufford [3:34 PM]:

@sgw94 ran the ball on 2nd and 30 for no gain

Stephen White [3:33 PM]:

Browns just did like the Raiders did vs the Chiefs at the end of the game. 3rd and 30 smh

Oh No Romo [3:31 PM]:

Campbell, I mean.

Oh No Romo [3:31 PM]:

Campbell with a nice throw to Jordan Cameron. He’s been playing well today.

Stephen White [3:30 PM]:

That was almost a pick by Stafford. Just tried to get it away before the unblocked blitzer got there. FG good 13-10 cowboys up

Ryan Van Bibber [3:30 PM]:

Alex Smith has been sacked four times!

Ryan Nanni [3:29 PM]:

@mattufford A nap?

Stephen White [3:28 PM]:

Megatron makes circus catches look easy

Stephen White [3:27 PM]:

Tip drill by Pats secondary. Dumb throw again by Tannehill. Int called on the field

Stephen White [3:25 PM]:

If the Chiefs lose to the Browns tho… 20-17 right now

Stephen White [3:24 PM]:

Stafford to Megatron down to the plus 30 ends the 3rd qtr

Stephen White [3:23 PM]:

@Mark Ennis heh

PFT Commenter [3:22 PM]:

wow id cut his ass rite now this isnt a family reunion Dez u cant just go around attacking every1

Mark Ennis [3:22 PM]:

Do you think it’s harder to listen to Derek Dooley when you’re working for free or when you make 25 times more than he does.

Matt Ufford [3:22 PM]:

There HAS to be a better option for the Eagles offense than Matt Barkley throwing the ball every down.

Stephen White [3:21 PM]:

Hell I would too, Romo not even looking for him. Against this terrible secondary?!

Stephen White [3:20 PM]:

Dez going off on the sideline

Mark Ennis [3:20 PM]:

@Run Home Jack “Guys, we can’t all name our teams ‘Look at those titties’.”

Stephen White [3:19 PM]:

That was a bad throw by Brady, not on Amendola. Too far behind him. Pats FG for the lead is good

Ryan Nanni [3:19 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Outkick The Coverage.

Rodger Sherman [3:19 PM]:

we’re in serious danger of a TD-less game in philadelphia

Mark Ennis [3:18 PM]:

I imagine the worst co-worker fantasy football league would have to be the one for The Wiggles, right?

Stephen White [3:17 PM]:

Harris drop on 3rd and 10 for the Cowboys. Romo needs more tunnel vision for Dez in the 2nd half imo

Stephen White [3:17 PM]:

Brady TD pass to Gronk called back for holding. More like body slam on Vernon

PFT Commenter [3:16 PM]:

youve got Peydirt Hillis why are u passing the ball ever Giants

Stephen White [3:15 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber i actually think this is who he is. A guy who every game will make a “wtf?!” pass. The beginning of the season was a mirage

Stephen White [3:14 PM]:

Lions so damn undisciplined

Stephen White [3:14 PM]:

Megatron fuuuuuuumble

Ryan Van Bibber [3:13 PM]:

@sgw94 what’s going on with Tannehill today?

Stephen White [3:13 PM]:

Marvin Austin sighting

Stephen White [3:13 PM]:

Tannehill almost throws a pick six smh

Ryan Nanni [3:12 PM]:

Thank you, Brian Billick, for your bold stance that Buffalo is not a “top playoff team.”

Ryan Van Bibber [3:10 PM]:

Stephen White [3:10 PM]:

Stephen White [3:06 PM]:

Graham TD again. Bills fading fast

Stephen White [3:04 PM]:

What in hell is Simms talking about, McKinnie DID fan out for the blitzer

PFT Commenter [3:03 PM]:

/sends 2 leno

PFT Commenter [3:03 PM]:

Id make Bush carry balls around all day 2 learn him not to fumble but he already dated a kardashian folks

Stephen White [3:02 PM]:

Bush was carrying the ball in one hand like a loaf of bread. Deserved to fumble it

Ryan Van Bibber [3:01 PM]:

HUGE day for USC in the NFL!

Stephen White [3:00 PM]:

Bush fuuuuuuumble

Ryan Van Bibber [3:00 PM]:

what the hell kind of fumble was that by Reggie Bush?

Stephen White [2:59 PM]:

Stephen White [2:59 PM]:

@Run Home Jack tell u what, they can’t be shittiest 10 win team ever, 2010 Bucs got that on lock!

Ryan Van Bibber [2:57 PM]:

or not, kind of on Tannehill for that sack

Stephen White [2:56 PM]:

They do, tie game pending xp

Stephen White [2:55 PM]:

Pats about to score again

Ryan Van Bibber [2:55 PM]:

and so much for Bryant McKinnie changing things

Ryan Nanni [2:55 PM]:

New England’s gonna be the shittiest 11 win team ever.

Stephen White [2:54 PM]:

Cowboys punt

Ryan Van Bibber [2:53 PM]:

Stephen White [2:53 PM]:

PFT Commenter [2:52 PM]:

THATS why the Browns keep a guy w/ 2.5 YPC on the squad=for when its 4th and 2.4 folks

Ryan Van Bibber [2:52 PM]:

Question: what happened to Tannehill today? Hasn’t been the same since that second TD.

Ryan Nanni [2:52 PM]:

Cleveland goes for it on 4th and 1 at the KC 20…and converts!

Stephen White [2:51 PM]:

Or as I like to call him, Lurch

Stephen White [2:51 PM]:

Hmmm Devin Taylor starting at RDE this half for the Lions

Ryan Nanni [2:50 PM]:


Stephen White [2:49 PM]:

Dobson fade for a TD as Brady had to throw it with a LB about to run through him

Mark Ennis [2:48 PM]:

Stephen White [2:48 PM]:

Groooooooonk has the Pats in the redzone after a catch up the seam

PFT Commenter [2:47 PM]:

Lewis Reed, cut by both the Ravens and god this year smh

Stephen White [2:46 PM]:

Dimitri Patterson is hell when he’s well, just cant seem to stay healthy

Stephen White [2:44 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber yep

PFT Commenter [2:44 PM]:

kicker’s lack countability thats why i draft retired kickers 4 y fantasy team so they dont screw everything up

Ryan Van Bibber [2:44 PM]:

@sgw94 Jeff Ireland finally justified that contract extension. Imagine if they’d got a LT sooner

Stephen White [2:43 PM]:

Over/Under on Barkley turnovers this week?

Stephen White [2:42 PM]:

Doink. Kickers…

Stephen White [2:42 PM]:

Nincovich just makes plays

Ryan Nanni [2:41 PM]:

“Whatever, I’m rich.” – Mike Wallace

Stephen White [2:41 PM]:

Wallace gotta make that catch. Better throw needed too.

PFT Commenter [2:40 PM]:


Stephen White [2:40 PM]:

Po lil Tink Tink with the A flag is just too slow lol

Stephen White [2:39 PM]:

People laughed at the Fins trade for McKinnie but he has played well today and might be the key to them going on a run with their OLine solidified

Mark Ennis [2:38 PM]:


Ryan Van Bibber [2:38 PM]:

Stephen White [2:36 PM]:

Then Brady sacked again on third down. Again by Odrick

Stephen White [2:36 PM]:

Two incompletions to start the half

Stephen White [2:35 PM]:

Pats Dolphins back from halftime, Brady’s throwing hand is swelling up

Ryan Van Bibber [2:35 PM]:


Just another amazing Dez Bryant catch

Just another day at the office for the Cowboys receiver.

Stephen White [2:33 PM]:

Selvie has gotten pressure a lot today for the Cowboys

Stephen White [2:33 PM]:

Grounding should be on Stafford

Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

Broyles with butterfingers

Stephen White [2:32 PM]:

Stephen White [2:31 PM]:

Yep, Jimmy Graham still a beast. TD Saints

Ryan Nanni [2:30 PM]:

Touchdown Jimmy Graham, who is so so much bigger than you.

Stephen White [2:28 PM]:

Cowboys up 10-7

Ryan Nanni [2:28 PM]:


PFT Commenter [2:28 PM]:


Oh No Romo [2:28 PM]:

Amazing catch by Dez

Mark Ennis [2:28 PM]:

Dez Bryant just ate all your good Halloween candy.

Stephen White [2:28 PM]:

Sweet Jeebus

Stephen White [2:27 PM]:


Stephen White [2:27 PM]:

WTF kinda route. Cowboys still too cute on offense at times.

Mark Ennis [2:27 PM]:

CBS’s Eric Kay tweeted this pic of Jags fans earlier.

Stephen White [2:26 PM]:

Throw. It. To. Dez.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:26 PM]:

PFT Commenter [2:25 PM]:

I think if your good like Josh gordon you should be able 2 smoke pot under medical supervision- some of these guys its dangerous 2 have them out there thinking to much

Ryan Nanni [2:25 PM]:

I assume the NFL doesn’t track drops so Davone Bess can keep getting work.

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Dumb dumb throw by Stafford. Two picks by Lee already

Mark Ennis [2:25 PM]:

Stafford with a completely braindead pick

Stephen White [2:25 PM]:

Sean Lee piiiiiiick siiiiiiix. Maybe not, inside 5

Stephen White [2:23 PM]:

Josh Gordon, baller

Stephen White [2:22 PM]:

Matt Barkley IS a charity Mike Singletary voice

Stephen White [2:20 PM]:

Then screen for Bush goes for -8…

PFT Commenter [2:20 PM]:

Barkley looking like a young rothlessberger there except 4 hes not good

Stephen White [2:20 PM]:

Heath back in for the Cowboys and Lions called for illegal formation kills the momentum the Lions had in a big way so far on this drive

Ryan Nanni [2:19 PM]:

Matt Barkley is terrible in ways that I never imagined.

Mark Ennis [2:19 PM]:

Is this finally maybe the end of the Pats?

Oh No Romo [2:19 PM]:

Smith to McCluster for the 28-yard touchdown

PFT Commenter [2:19 PM]:

u guys ever notice how alot of these RBs like Charles start running better AFTER acl surgery- like they were outrunning there FBs beforehand to tryand make Top 10 insteadve 10 yds

Stephen White [2:18 PM]:

Fins hit a FG up 17-3 over the Pats

Ryan Nanni [2:18 PM]:

52 yard field goal for Sturgis, Dolphins back up by 14.

Stephen White [2:18 PM]:

Cowboys safety heath is shaken up and they don’t have a lot of depth there with other injuries

Ryan Van Bibber [2:18 PM]:

man, i love the flea flicker so much

Clay Wendler [2:17 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [2:17 PM]:

Stephen White [2:16 PM]:

Calvin Johnson 100yds receiving in the first half

PFT Commenter [2:16 PM]:

its true

Stephen White [2:15 PM]:

Megatron is sooooo unfair

Ryan Van Bibber [2:15 PM]:

so many strong takes today

Ryan Van Bibber [2:15 PM]:

Stephen White [2:14 PM]:

Saints up 14-10

Stephen White [2:14 PM]:

Got em coach, Brees to Stills on out and up for 6

Mark Ennis [2:13 PM]:

Stephen White [2:13 PM]:

Mark Ennis [2:12 PM]:

So we’re going to have a 1983-like draft this year, right? Five, six Qbs taken in the first round?

Ryan Nanni [2:12 PM]:

USC quarterbacks!

Stephen White [2:12 PM]:

Browns score a TD to Gordon, only down 6 even though KC has dominated most of the game

Ryan Van Bibber [2:11 PM]:

Barkley fumbles the snap, recovers & completes throw to Celek #elite

Stephen White [2:11 PM]:

Dallas in the board with a 53 yard FG. 7-3 Lions

Stephen White [2:10 PM]:

Wow Romo almost threw a crazy TD. Just out of Williams’ reach on 3rd and short

Oh No Romo [2:10 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [2:10 PM]:

What’s happening to Jacksonville is just mean.

Ryan Van Bibber [2:10 PM]:

Browns go with the flea flicker for the TD

Mark Ennis [2:10 PM]:

Stephen White [2:09 PM]:

Then 3rd and 7 Suh jumps as a defensive end

Oh No Romo [2:09 PM]:

Jason Campbell TD pass!

Mark Ennis [2:09 PM]:

Took the Browns 26:32 to get a first down.

Stephen White [2:09 PM]:

Oh crap Brian Waters hurt. Yeah thats the guy who blocks Suh most of the game

Clay Wendler [2:08 PM]:

Mark Ennis [2:08 PM]:

@PFT Commenter lol

Mark Ennis [2:08 PM]:

Man, I grew up watching the creamsicle Bucs, and I can honestly say it must suck to be a Cleveland sports fan.

PFT Commenter [2:08 PM]:

matt barkley trolling Vick HARD w/ his last name IMO

Oh No Romo [2:07 PM]:

Succop misses the FG, hooks left

Stephen White [2:07 PM]:

Saints defense is killing Thad Lewis. Blitzing errbody

PFT Commenter [2:06 PM]:


Stephen White [2:06 PM]:

Fins hold up, Pats kick FG. 14-3 Fins

Oh No Romo [2:05 PM]:

Stephen White [2:04 PM]:

Pats in redzone

Stephen White [2:03 PM]:

Brady throws into triple coverage trying to hit Gronk but Fins dont pick it off and Pats bailed out by terrible PI call

Oh No Romo [2:02 PM]:

Reid wins the challenge, first down Kansas City.

Oh No Romo [1:59 PM]:

Andy Reid challenge alert! He’s challenging the spot of a 3rd down slide by Alex Smith

Stephen White [1:59 PM]:

DUUUUUUVAAAAAL already point ruled GetOffTheSticks

PFT Commenter [1:58 PM]:

just making a buncha blackmon driving on wrong side of the road jokes over here folks

Stephen White [1:58 PM]:

Huge play by new Cowboy Wynn

Mark Ennis [1:57 PM]:

Really nice run by Reggie Bush.

Stephen White [1:57 PM]:

Vollmer for the Pats on the field in obvious pain

Stephen White [1:56 PM]:

Zero targets to Dez so far. Hard to win that way

Mark Ennis [1:54 PM]:

Stephen White [1:53 PM]:

Thad Lewis is a more than servicable QB. TD to Stevie Johnson tie game in NO

Ryan Nanni [1:53 PM]:

Great touchdown catch by Stevie Johnson to tie it up with the Saints.

Oh No Romo [1:53 PM]:

McCluster muffs the punt, but KC recovers

Ryan Van Bibber [1:52 PM]:

Oh No Romo [1:52 PM]:

KC defense isn’t allowing Cleveland offense to do anything today. No first downs and another three and out for the Browns.

Clay Wendler [1:52 PM]:

Rodger Sherman [1:49 PM]:


Stephen White [1:48 PM]:

Helluva int by Sean Lee after Megatron drops the pass

Stephen White [1:47 PM]:

Dolphins TD pass to Thomas. Up 14-0 on Pats

Oh No Romo [1:46 PM]:

Alex Smith to Anthony Sherman, TD KC

Stephen White [1:44 PM]:

And they get it and then some, good run by Thomas

Oh No Romo [1:44 PM]:

Alex Smith run on 3rd and 5. Chiefs are back in Cleveland red zone.

Ryan Nanni [1:44 PM]:

Fox just showed the NFC West standings during Giants-Eagles which, yeah, that is more interesting.

Stephen White [1:43 PM]:

Nt sure Id go for it here but Fins are on 4th down

PFT Commenter [1:41 PM]:

is any1 keeping track of Jason Cambells “headset malfunctions” today- over/under has to be at least a bakers dozen

Mark Ennis [1:41 PM]:

haha Jason Garrett saying “Jesus Christ this isn’t that hard”

Stephen White [1:40 PM]:

Wait, they picked up the flag.

Stephen White [1:40 PM]:

Lions called for PI Terrance Williams was going for the deep ball

Ryan Nanni [1:39 PM]:

1st 2:36

Stephen White [1:39 PM]:

Kaep sweep left TD

Clay Wendler [1:37 PM]:

Stephen White [1:37 PM]:

Brady sacked by Odrick

Ryan Nanni [1:36 PM]:

Hope you like not listening to local radio, Chip Kelly.

Rodger Sherman [1:35 PM]:

i think calvin johnson is good at football

PFT Commenter [1:35 PM]:

not sure what that mean’s i heard a joke about paint one time so i thought i give it a shot

Walker Clement [1:35 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber This is going to your neighboorhood pool’s snack bar to buy Nerds and finding out they only sell Pop Rocks and boiled eggplant. Poor Bills.

Mark Ennis [1:35 PM]:

“They probably won’t try to throw it to Johnson here.” – Nobody on earth but the Cowboys.

PFT Commenter [1:34 PM]:

who did the jaguar at midfiel in london? dorian grey?

Stephen White [1:34 PM]:

Too easy. Gotta press CJ even if you’re afraid of the fade

Mark Ennis [1:34 PM]:

Oh Dallas that’s just too easy. 4th and goal and they let Detroit just throw a lazy slant to Calvin Johnson.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:34 PM]:

Good call by Detroit to go for it on 4th down there. Also, what the hell kind of “Coverage” is Dallas doing there?

Stephen White [1:34 PM]:

Lions going for it 4th and goal Quick slant to Megatron for 6

Ryan Van Bibber [1:33 PM]:

Stephen White [1:33 PM]:

No Stafford, just…no.

Ryan Nanni [1:33 PM]:

Detroit continues to be 100% butt in the red zone.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:32 PM]:

Dallas doubled down on Bush there too

Ryan Nanni [1:32 PM]:

No touchdown for Calvin = ANGRY FANTASY TWEETZ

Stephen White [1:31 PM]:

Got caught from behind though

Ryan Van Bibber [1:31 PM]:

that shot of 5 Cowboys chasing him too

Stephen White [1:31 PM]:

Megatron quick slant for 87 yards. Cant miss that first tackle Carr

Ryan Van Bibber [1:31 PM]:

oh my god, megatron

Mark Ennis [1:31 PM]:

Oh nothing, just Calvin Johnson taking a five yard slant about 75 yards.

Stephen White [1:30 PM]:

Im not saying Steve Gregory is a pro bowl guy, but I swear everytime i watch Pats tape he is all over the field making plays

Stephen White [1:28 PM]:

Uh oh, Fins WR Gibson off the field limping

Stephen White [1:27 PM]:

Lance Moore TD skinny post from the slot. Easy money

Ryan Van Bibber [1:27 PM]:

Stephen White [1:26 PM]:

@Mark Ennis agreed

Stephen White [1:25 PM]:

Cam Jordan is the best young DLineman people dont talk about. Sack caused fumble to give the ball back to the Saints

Mark Ennis [1:25 PM]:

@sgw94 this game has some above average explicit use of RBs in the passing game.

Stephen White [1:24 PM]:

Tanner big gain on 3rd and 3 out of the backfield for the Cowboys

Stephen White [1:24 PM]:

Annnnnd Chiefs kicking another FG.

Mark Ennis [1:24 PM]:

Feels like Dallas just doesn’t account for the late blitz flashes from Detroit.

Ryan Nanni [1:24 PM]:

KC’s kicking another field goal after Eric Fisher got beat like a drum on the pass rush.

Stephen White [1:23 PM]:

Cowboys rookie Randle is looking better every week imo.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:23 PM]:

interesting comparison of Megatron and Dez after their first three years in the NFL

Stephen White [1:22 PM]:

Put in a guy who rarely plays its usually a tip the ball is going to him. WR screen to Theo Riddick short of the sticks and the Lions punt again

Stephen White [1:21 PM]:

Chiefs in the redzone again

Mark Ennis [1:21 PM]:

Theo Riddick in the game for Detroit.

Stephen White [1:20 PM]:

Jared Odrick is the kind of utility DLineman every team needs but few have.

Mark Ennis [1:20 PM]:

@Run Home Jack it’ll take him another hour to get his hand out of that pickle jar so I’m good.

Ryan Nanni [1:19 PM]:

@Mark Ennis well now he’s gonna challenge you to a fight.

Mark Ennis [1:18 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber gooooooooooood, the less proof there is that Phil Simms ever existed the better.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:18 PM]:

Stephen White [1:18 PM]:

Nice open field tackle of Bush by Church

Ryan Van Bibber [1:18 PM]:

PFT Commenter [1:17 PM]:

BIG misstep by NFL here,,just a matter of time before 3rd party helmet makers start putting stuff like neon lights and spinning chrome facemasks smh

Stephen White [1:17 PM]:

Gore another grown man run for a TD

Mark Ennis [1:17 PM]:

Really like the way Detroit uses Reggie Bush.

Stephen White [1:17 PM]:

Id run Bush all day till he needed an IV. Cowboys gotta be concerned about C Johnson

Stephen White [1:16 PM]:

Juuuuust a bit outside for the Bills FG kicker

Ryan Van Bibber [1:15 PM]:

the NFL using Dr. Oz and his kid in football ads now, hmmmmm ….

Stephen White [1:15 PM]:

@James Dator i started to after the first three games but then he started turning it over

James Dator [1:14 PM]:

Touchdown Tannehill. Can we start talking about him in relation to the top young QBs yet?

Stephen White [1:14 PM]:

Gibson TD for the Fins

Ryan Van Bibber [1:13 PM]:

Hey London, we know you want the NFL, so here, take the Jaguars!

Stephen White [1:13 PM]:

Better yet if the Lions are committed to playing off Williams then you gotta take the quick slants all day

Stephen White [1:13 PM]:

Romo throws out of bounds on third down. Gotta give Williams a chance to catch it deep. Punt coming

Ryan Nanni [1:13 PM]:

Jacksonville’s losing. Don’t everybody act surprised at once.

Stephen White [1:12 PM]:

Clay catch gives them first and goal from the 3

Stephen White [1:12 PM]:

Fins in redzone

James Dator [1:11 PM]:

Michael Vick throws an interception…. so T-minus Marcus Vick tweet.

Ryan Van Bibber [1:11 PM]:

Brady stared down Gronk on that INT

Ryan Van Bibber [1:11 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [1:10 PM]:

First Mizzou doink reference on RedZone. At 1:10 EST. You gotta let ’em heal a little, man.

Stephen White [1:10 PM]:

That and defensive holding…

Stephen White [1:10 PM]:

Lions might’ve fooled Romo with coverage there

Oh No Romo [1:09 PM]:

Succop 42-yarder is good and KC leads 3-0

Stephen White [1:09 PM]:

Lamar Miller heating up

Ryan Nanni [1:07 PM]:

yo bills!

James Dator [1:07 PM]:

@sgw94 Naturally…

Stephen White [1:07 PM]:

@James Dator young WRs, obviously

James Dator [1:06 PM]:

Tom Brady intercepted immediately

Stephen White [1:06 PM]:

Jamaal Charles screen game is deadly

Stephen White [1:06 PM]:

Megatron almost made another silly catch by tapping the ball to himself

Ryan Nanni [1:06 PM]:

Thad Lewis is already down. Next on the depth chart for Buffalo at QB is…Raul Julia? That can’t be right.

James Dator [1:06 PM]:

Thad Lewis is injured for Buffalo. It’s Tuel Time once again

Stephen White [1:05 PM]:

Fins 3 and out

Mark Ennis [1:05 PM]:

Will be fun to see either Dez or Megatron on the field at all times.

Stephen White [1:04 PM]:

Dolphins running game still looking anemic

Stephen White [1:03 PM]:

And Bryant McKinnie starting at LT for the Dolphins

Stephen White [1:03 PM]:

I have a feeling the Lion’s secondary is gonna get scorched today by Dallas

Ryan Nanni [1:03 PM]:

wait i haven’t stretched WAIT WAIT YOU GUYS

James Dator [1:03 PM]:

Happy football everyone!

Stephen White [1:00 PM]:

Workin it here, Boss!

Ryan Van Bibber [12:58 PM]:

@Mark Ennis rise and grind

Ryan Van Bibber [12:58 PM]:

Mark Ennis [12:57 PM]:

You will never see another middle aged dude in his home office Tweet and chat in SB Nation Live as hard as I will the rest of today. Thank you and God Bless.

Matt Conner [12:56 PM]:

Go Rams!

Ryan Van Bibber [12:54 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [12:51 PM]:

Hello, I am the one who is ready for the football.