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This Week In GIFs: Everyone is a forest creature

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Two baby squirrel GIFs await you in THIS WEEK IN GIFs. Vote, and help us decide the best of the week.

Welcome to THIS WEEK IN GIFs, pals. Voting will remain open until Sunday at 11 p.m. Eastern. Enjoy!



Fantastic reveal here. You think the guy lying face-up in the rain, chewin' his popcorn, is either some sort of vagrant or a drunk college kid. Then he pokes his head up, and OH HELL it's your dentist.

Check out those shoes. Are those Asics? And that mustache, too. Can you stick with me for just a second here? These, to me, are the three possibilities regarding time travel.

1. Time travel -- at least, time travel into the past -- is impossible.

2. Time travel into the past is possible, and humans figure it out at some point in the future, but decide not to screw with it. (Nope.)

3. Time travel into the past is possible, and in the future, humans use it, but they're so super-careful that we never notice time travelers or their doings. (NOPE.)

4. Humans actually did use time travel and screw a bunch of stuff up, but they just went a little further into the past and painstakingly erased all their errors, then destroyed time-travel capabilities to save the past from themselves, and somehow humans never figured out how to use time travel and screw around with it again. Which feeds into ...

5. Time travel is possible, but humans will never figure it out because our existences are too limited and we aren't smart enough. Humanity exists for a billion trillion years, but it doesn't matter how much time we have. We're just too dumb.

6. Time travel is possible, but the fact that we never do it in the future is evidence that humanity will meet extinction between now and when we would have figured it out. Five hundred years? A thousand? Difficult to say.

Item No. 6, of course, is the gloomiest outcome. But there's also something about No. 5 that's undeniably sad and terrifying in its own way. Anyway, I don't think there are any time travelers among us, but if they were, I'd point the finger at this knucklehead in those Asics, which are clearly from another era. Dude, you know you can't flavor your popcorn with rain, right? It doesn't rain salt at this point in history.



This baby squirrel fell out of a tree during the Presidents Cup, and Davis Love III was there to watch over him. At the risk of splitting the squirrel vote ...



... I can't not also include this GIF of Lindsey Vonn taking custody of said baby squirrel and handing it to a thoroughly disinterested Tiger Woods. Guy, there's an adorable baby squirrel on your shoulder and you can't peel your attention away from your precious little sport of electric cart-racing. The cart isn't even moving. You aren't even good at it.



Of all the NFL running backs who haven't broken more than 1,000 yards rushing more than once, Reggie Bush has to have the most amazing clip reel. Last November, he won a THIS WEEK IN GIFs election simply by doing something awesome, which is a very difficult platform to run on.

This one might be even better. He manages to leap over a tackler while keeping almost all of his momentum. Between Bush, Calvin Johnson, and a good-but-flawed quarterback who likes to throw deep, the Lions might have one of the most fun teams in football right now. All they really need now is a punt returner who scores a touchdown every 10th return. On every other return, he never fair-catches, tries to reverse field multiple times, and loses 17 yards. By no means does "fun" mean "smart."



The read option is a monument to the noncommittal. In refusing to commit to playing football to begin with, it could be argued that Manuel is performing the purest of read options. I don't think anything here could be classified as a "football move."



Karl Klug! A couple months ago, I went on record with my thoughts on the man.

After this sack-fumble-touchdown, he is now my 273rd-favorite active NFL player. Also, I do kind of understand what Geno Smith was doing here: you see, he nevermind no I don't.



This is taken straight from the CBS broadcast and I'm just gonna let you decide for yourself what it's worth.


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