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Tale of the tape: Rob Ford

Toronto Mayor and NFL Draft hopeful Rob Ford ran the Mayoral Combine today. Let's check the scouting report.

Dennis Grombkowski

Reputation ain't always a matter of fact, but the game tape never lies. Let's look at possibly insane Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and ask Anonymous Scout about how he projects at the next level as a football prospect.


Per Anonymous Scout, Ford does have several strengths.


  1. Knows where he's going.
  2. Does accelerate to something like an unimpressive top speed quickly, though we're not sure what kind of stance that is.
  3. Can definitely overwhelm someone of a lesser size in a confined space.
  4. Keeps his legs moving through the hit, "though it sort of looks like when you run into a punter and try to hold him up"

The rest is pretty grim from a scouting perspective.


  1. Ford doesn't do a good job of exploding off the outside leg when taking the turn. "He throttles down and gathers too much while turning." Not indicative of elite body control.
  2. Zero technique. "I don't even know what stance he's coming out of here."
  3. "No one in this video displays any knee bend whatsoever."
  4. Abysmal pad level.
  5. Appears to get winded just a few steps into the drill. Definitely has suspect conditioning.
  6. This isn't a football field and he shouldn't be hitting anyone, especially another elected official.

In summary, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is Ford is "more of a projection than an instant-impact starter. He definitely needs to do some re-shaping in the offseason." He also has significant character issues, and not because he just ran into a lady at work and gave her "a fat lip."