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Jason Kidd has player hit him on purpose for free timeout

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Jason Kidd is a sneaky sneaky coach.

Jason Kidd didn't have any timeouts left. The Nets needed to stall in order to have some time to draw up a play. Check out the GIF -- Kidd tells guard Tyshawn Taylor to bump into him, causing him to spill his drink on the court, thus giving Brooklyn the time they needed to figure out a play.


Of course, the Nets still lost the game. But it's a pretty savvy move by the first year head coach. Kidd and Taylor tried to play it off as an accident after the game:

Via The Brooklyn Game:

"Cup slipped out of my hand I was getting Ty," Kidd said. "Sweaty palms. I was never good with the ball."

Via Nets Daily:

Tyshawn was asked after the game and he said he wasn't paying attention when he bumped into Kidd, saying it was an "accident."

"I was coming out and he was in my way," Taylor said, adding, "I was like, 'Coach, get outta my way, bro!'"

But we all know what they were doing. And I'm not even mad; that's just clever.