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UCLA's Caleb Benenoch punches USC player, is ejected

UCLA freshman lineman Caleb Benenoch and sophomore cornerback Ishmael Adams were both flagged for throwing punches at USC players. Benenoch was ejected.

UCLA Bruins freshman offensive linemen Caleb Benenoch punched USC Trojans lineman J.R. Tavai and was ejected from their game against USC. After a five-yard run, Benenoch punched Tavai.

Here is Benenoch's best jab, it actually knocks Tavai on his butt:


Benenoch started at right tackle for the Bruins and was replaced by Ben Wysocki, normally a guard. (via

One punch wasn't enough for UCLA, as sophomore cornerback Ishmael Adams decided to enter the frenzy, although he was not ejected and was a part of offsetting penalties with USC's Kevon Seymour. The skirmish happened following a punt return by USC.

Here is Adams attempting to outdo Benenoch:


The game was still scoreless at the occurrence of each of the penalties. UCLA failed to gain a first down after the Benenoch penalty, and after the punt at the end of that drive, the Adams punch happened.

Players eventually should learn that punching a facemask only hurts hands, not faces, right?

UCLA was leading 14-7 with 5:30 left in the first half.

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