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Juventus to play A-League All-Stars in Sydney in August

Second annual All-Star game will again be in Sydney, this time against one of Italy's most famous clubs.

FFA will hope for a similar turnout in 2014
FFA will hope for a similar turnout in 2014
Mark Metcalfe

The pull of Alessandro Del Piero continues to reach across to Italy as Juventus were today tabbed as the next opponent of the A-League All-Stars. The August 10, 2014 game at the Allianz Stadium in Sydney is the encore to this year's inaugural outing which came against Manchester United in front of 83,000 fans. With the World Cup taking place in Brazil, the All-Star Game will be played several weeks later than the 2013 game.

FFA CEO David Gallop announced the game today in a federation press release:

"The All-Stars concept is all about presenting the A-League on the world stage and the presence of Juventus FC in Sydney will guarantee huge domestic and international interest. It's also a great opportunity for the A-League players and coaches to test themselves at the highest level.

"One again, we'll make sure the A-League fans have a big say in the selection of the All-Stars, which was such a popular feature of the inaugural All-Stars match last year."

Of course the actual roster of players who took part in the game against Manchester United was much different from the list selected by fans. With more experience in hosting such a game and with Del Piero's obvious ties to the club, not to mention a change in player contracts in the offseason, FFA should have more of its star players involved come August 10.