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SB Nation Staff | December 2, 2013

2013 SB Nation Holiday Gift Guide

2013 SB Nation Holiday Gift Guide

o the turkey and stuffing has been consumed, the tree and ornaments at least thought about, and the Lions game yelled at. Now begins the three-week scramble to figure out what the heck to buy for the sports-loving fans in your life. Well, we're here to help.

Our team of crack sports enthusiasts has wrangled up the items they would most recommend and we've divided them into three vital categories: The Tailgater, for those who live for going out to brisk stadiums on the weekends to rub elbows with their fellow fans; The Barcalounger, for those who prefer to enjoy sports from the comfort of their own home (or for the professional blogger you may happen to know); and the Participant, for the athletes who are out there making it happen.

So kick back, scroll through and enjoy our handy gift guide, designed to help make your life just a little bit simpler this holiday season. (And hey, if you want to grab a few things for yourself along the way, that's just fine. We won't tell anyone.)

The Tailgater

Caitlin Mangum
Video Host, SB Nation

Caitlin loves cheap beer, fried chicken, and organized competition. Since her alma mater was pretty terrible at football, she practically earned a bachelors degree in professional tailgating.

The Barcalounger

Lauren Williams
Office Coordinator, Vox Media DC

Lauren ditches the overpriced concessions and aisle seats to watch her favorite team on her 50-inch HDTV. Plus it's easier to keep up with her fantasy team when she's plugged in to game action at home.

The Participant

Cory Williams
Support Manager, Vox Product

Cory is still upset that he wasn't the star of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme. He enjoys running in circles around our nation's finest monuments while dodging tourists.

Cory enjoys the finer things in life: beer, beer league softball and running off said beer.

Tailgating is an activity for the dedicated: Early morning treks to the stadium, followed by setup time and, later, takedown and cleanup. From careful selection of tailgating activities and accessories, the tailgater is ready for all elements, and prepared for a good time. Whether you're organizing a tailgate or just showing up to have a good time, these are the essentials for a successful pre-game experience.

KanJam $39.99
Yes, you Kan Jam with this tailgate frisbee game.
Frost Boss can chiller $44.95
Chill your beverage in seconds.
Red Party Cup/Shotglass Set $19.95
Shots? Mixers? Have both with this two-in-one cup.
Coleman Broadband Quad Chair $29.99
Why stand around talking sports when you can kick back in the parking lot with a collapsible chair?
Coleman 9x9 Canopy tent $139.99
The best damn canopy tent in the land.
Coolagon Cruzin' Wagon Cooler $239
Rugged for all types of terrain.
Black Max Football $9.99
Rugged, durable football to keep the tailgate entertained.
Coleman Stadium Seat $13.85
No more hard surfaces and cold seats.
Square Stow-A-Way Collapsible Carrier: Red by Rachael Ray $10.95
Keep that seven layer dip nice and warm on a chilly fall day.

The barcalounger is all about the living room experience, right down to the small touches that make a gameday area feel like home. A nice TV, comfortable couch, and plenty of food and drinks are all essentials for the at-home fan. Because sometimes it's better to watch from the comfort of your living room than braving the elements and venturing to the big game.

Duke Cannon Soap Box Set $49
The only soap allowed to be in a man cave.
It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium Book $15
For anyone who’ll never let go of his or her favorite team.
Love's Winning Plays Book $25.95
When you’re tired of learning about college football, here’s a comedic novel about it.
Flip Flop Fly Ball Book $25
Infographics and fun pictures for the most picturesque sport.
FIFA 14 $59.99
The only sports video game you really need.
Study Hall: College Football Book $13.99
Learn and love more about college football.
NFL 13 oz. 3D Enhanced Sports Mug $10.16
At least you can get a grip on PART of your team.
NFL 15.8 Quart Portable Party Refrigerator $199.99
Sometimes your team requires that you stock up.
Roku 3 streaming media player $99.99
The easiest way to watch the internet on your television.
Fathead Stadium Wall Graphic $99.99
Maybe you’ll never make it into the press box, but this view is the next-best thing.
Wincraft wall clock $25
With a clock of your favorite team, it’s always game time.
Birchbox for men $60 for 3 months
Monthly samples of high-end lifestyle products? Sign us up.
Vintage full zip NFL hoodie $89.95
Let your team keep you warm at home and abroad.
Apple TV $99.99
You're still watching regular TV? Amateur.
“The sports gene” $26.95
Discover how genetics factor into athleticism.
NFL team helmet bottle stopper $16.96
Keeps fumbles to a minimum.
Team Blankets $25
Tuck yourself in and dream of football.

Being a spectator is fun and all, but the participant would rather take things into their own hands. Whether a casual or competitive runner, or a weekend warrior in a rec league, the participant spends less time on the couch and more time enjoying the outdoors. They appreciate the finer things, like cold-weather gear and long runs along scenic routes.

Under Armour Speedform running shoes $119.99
These space-age shoes are perfect for setting new personal records.
Under Armour Coldgear fleece hoodie $79.99
Old Navy thinks they have fleece on lock, so prove you're ahead of the game.
Sugoi SubZero Tights $80
Stop exercising in jeans. You look ridiculous.
Under Armour Coldgear stealth gloves $44.99
Stay warm and under-the-radar.
Nike Spiral-tech football $25
Maybe Nike can help you throw like Aaron Rodgers.
Garmin Forerunner Watch $171.67
Know where you’re going and how you’re holding up while you run.
Saucony Women's Kinvara 4 $100
You’re going to need sneakers, might as well get cool ones.
Under Armour escape shorts $24.99 - $29.99
Escape the cold with these Under Armour shorts.
UA Coldgear evo fitted mock $59.99
Look like a superhero while running laps at the track.
Nike Element Half-zip top $65
This is the Twitter generation. No one has time for a full zipper any more.
Under Armour Coldgear storm beanie $29.99
Keeps your head warm, while removing sweat with their signature system.
Under Armour Coldgear gloves $44.99
Pick these up, because nothing is more frustrating than inferior gloves.
Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones $134.95
No run is complete without high quality music.
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