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Bears vs. Eagles, Sunday Night Football: Live coverage and analysis

Join retired NFL defensive end Stephen White, Mark Ennis, Celebrity Hot Tub and everyone else from SB Nation's NFL team for live coverage of Sunday night's showdown between the Bears and the Eagles.

Maddie Meyer

Ryan Nanni [11:25 PM]:

One week til Romo, kids. Stretch those narratives.

Oh No Romo [11:20 PM]:

mduffster [11:15 PM]:

do the bears have linebackers?

Oh No Romo [11:14 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [11:14 PM]:

This is getting into “College team trying to impress pollsters” territory

Stephen White [11:14 PM]:

Bryce Brown was picking em up and putting em down. 50 burger

Oh No Romo [11:13 PM]:

This game…

Ryan Van Bibber [11:13 PM]:

oh my

Stephen White [11:09 PM]:

Not the start he hoped for I imagine

Oh No Romo [11:09 PM]:

McCown Town is closed for repairs

Charlie Gebow [11:09 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [11:07 PM]:

“Nah, I’m good.” – Josh McCown

Charlie Gebow [11:06 PM]:

Somewhere, Josh McDaniels cackles

Ryan Van Bibber [11:04 PM]:

McCown Town, next stop please

icorriher [11:04 PM]:

stop the fight please

Stephen White [11:03 PM]:

Boykin been waiting for that all game

Oh No Romo [11:03 PM]:

Mark down Jay Cutler Pick Six on your Bears Bingo Card

Oh No Romo [10:57 PM]:

@Clefo Good point

Charlie Gebow [10:55 PM]:

@Oh No Romo One would be a 3 and the other a 4 so it would have to be the Championship game, no?

Stephen White [10:54 PM]:

Fat lady is warming up

Oh No Romo [10:54 PM]:

@sgw94 Is there a scenario where if these two teams got in, they’d possibly face each other? Like the divisional round.

Stephen White [10:52 PM]:

Bears defense has to be sick of that read option.

Oh No Romo [10:52 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Well, if the stats people say there is a chance…

Ryan Van Bibber [10:52 PM]:

@Oh No Romo no, i’m not. but the stats people are!

Oh No Romo [10:51 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:49 PM]:

Mark Ennis [10:49 PM]:

hahaha poor Bears

Stephen White [10:49 PM]:


Stephen White [10:48 PM]:

@Run Home Jack lol

Ryan Nanni [10:47 PM]:

@sgw94 Copyright Mike Felder Enterprises

Stephen White [10:46 PM]:

WRs always get to push off more than any DB ever would get away with

Stephen White [10:45 PM]:

Seems too little too late but you never know

Stephen White [10:44 PM]:

Wheel route, if he caught it clean might be TD

Mark Ennis [10:44 PM]:

Man that was a gorgeous throw.

icorriher [10:43 PM]:

collinsworth, that is

Mark Ennis [10:42 PM]:

So, Bears fans…

icorriher [10:42 PM]:

Was really talking like he doesn’t know what “11” means on a defensive card? I mean, wow.

Stephen White [10:41 PM]:


Stephen White [10:37 PM]:

Its called probable NCAA sanctions, guys

Ryan Nanni [10:35 PM]:

Nah, you got this, Cutler. YOU. GOT. THIS.

Stephen White [10:35 PM]:


Mark Ennis [10:34 PM]:

Stephen White [10:34 PM]:

Oh No Romo [10:33 PM]:

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:

Helluva an effort by Kendricks

Stephen White [10:31 PM]:

How bad is the NFC North? I mean really

Ryan Nanni [10:31 PM]:

@Clefo Comparatively, it won’t be remembered as the worst part of his career.

Charlie Gebow [10:30 PM]:

I don’t think touting Monte Kiffin’s USC tenure is a GOOD thing, Chris

Stephen White [10:27 PM]:

That’s one of those “I have to see it on film” plays

Stephen White [10:27 PM]:

Peppers has no idea how he missed that tackle

Mark Ennis [10:27 PM]:

The Eagles failed to really block anyone and McCoy still goes in untouched.

Ryan Nanni [10:27 PM]:

3rd 7:11

Stephen White [10:26 PM]:

We have reached the demoralizing section of the evening, folks

Mark Ennis [10:25 PM]:

Just think how lopsided this would be if the Eagles didn’t run some gimmick offense.

Stephen White [10:23 PM]:

That kick was…interesting

Stephen White [10:22 PM]:

Guess I was wrong. Bears have been totally dominated from start till now

Ryan Nanni [10:21 PM]:

Oh No Romo [10:20 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Maybe during the John Shoop years.

Mark Ennis [10:20 PM]:

You could see Chip Kelly joking with the refs about whether or not he could challenge that

Stephen White [10:20 PM]:

I say call stands but it was damn close

Stephen White [10:19 PM]:

Man thats close

Mark Ennis [10:18 PM]:

Have to think 8 attempts for 3 yards was not Chicago’s gameplan coming in.

Mark Ennis [10:15 PM]:

I can’t believe Peppers is still that much of a freak athlete.

Ryan Nanni [10:13 PM]:

Refs hate it when you step on their lines.

Charlie Gebow [10:12 PM]:

So I guess it’s too hard to go “Oh, hey, we’re gonna review it anyway, but by golly we like your initiative!”

Stephen White [10:12 PM]:

Sucks for the Bears

Ryan Nanni [10:12 PM]:

Seattle REALLY coulda used this level of HD review film, by the way.

Ryan Van Bibber [10:11 PM]:

that’s only the second fumble of the season for McCoy … if it stands

Ryan Nanni [10:10 PM]:

This rule is so eye-rollworthy.

Stephen White [10:08 PM]:

Turnovers might be the only way the Bears get back in it

Oh No Romo [10:08 PM]:


Oh No Romo [10:08 PM]:

McCoy fumble

Stephen White [10:06 PM]:

Eagles making it look so easy

Charlie Gebow [10:06 PM]:

@Mark Ennis True, but mostly from embarrassment from my inability to catch the kick

Oh No Romo [10:06 PM]:

@Run Home Jack “Why is he taking a knee at the 2-yard line?”

Ryan Nanni [10:05 PM]:

@Mark Ennis Like, “why did he go out at the 7?” quick.

Oh No Romo [10:05 PM]:

@Mark Ennis I’d die trying to catch the kickoff.

Ryan Nanni [10:05 PM]:

@Mark Ennis False. I’d get out of bounds quick, though.

Mark Ennis [10:04 PM]:

True or false: You would die if you tried to return an NFL kickoff?

Ryan Van Bibber [10:04 PM]:

Charlie Gebow [10:03 PM]:

@Run Home Jack Well, it is a copycat league

Ryan Nanni [10:02 PM]:

@Clefo He actually stole that from Chip Kelly, so.

Oh No Romo [10:02 PM]:

Hey, more late afternoon games!

Mark Ennis [10:01 PM]:


Charlie Gebow [10:01 PM]:

Was it part of Costas’ destiny to make that snarky comment about destiny? DID I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND?

Oh No Romo [9:55 PM]:

Ryan Nanni [9:54 PM]:

Important halftime breakdown:

Stephen White [9:50 PM]:


Stephen White [9:50 PM]:

Didnt think the Eagles would get this must pressure but they are bringing it!

Ryan Van Bibber [9:49 PM]:

solid hustle from Cutler on that

Ryan Van Bibber [9:49 PM]:

@Mark Ennis gotta feel for Prisco a little, he’s still confused if he should bitch about the Eagles b/c Chip Kelly is a “spread” coach or like them b/c Foles isn’t an “option” QB

Oh No Romo [9:46 PM]:

@Run Home Jack In Chicago, they say Do-Vawwwl! (Probably)

Ryan Van Bibber [9:45 PM]:

@Oh No Romo give ’em Mel

Stephen White [9:43 PM]:

Whyyyyy didnt they use the former punt returner for that, Weems?

Ryan Nanni [9:43 PM]:


Mark Ennis [9:43 PM]:

Was digging and found this gem:

Oh No Romo [9:42 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Mel Tucker

Ryan Van Bibber [9:42 PM]:

who is Chicago’s defensive coordinator now?

Ryan Nanni [9:42 PM]:

2nd 1:07

Stephen White [9:41 PM]:

Still, 24-0 is 24-0 #CaptainObvious

Stephen White [9:40 PM]:

Seems like the Eagles O has cooled off a bit or is it just me?

Stephen White [9:39 PM]:

Its so apparent who the holdovers are from Lovie’s/Marinelli’s defense. They do almost everything right every play. Alignment, assignment, discipline on run lanes

Oh No Romo [9:39 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Least it won’t be Bears-Packers

Ryan Van Bibber [9:38 PM]:

Ryan Van Bibber [9:38 PM]:

oh man … got a big surprise for everyone. Are you ready?

Oh No Romo [9:37 PM]:

Stephen White [9:33 PM]:

Briggs gotta be wondering if it was worth it at this point

Ryan Nanni [9:32 PM]:

But that was against the Browns, which, well, the Browns.

Ryan Nanni [9:31 PM]:

The only good thing I can say is that the Bears struggled early last week and came back to win.

Stephen White [9:30 PM]:

Not – lot of plays in the playbook for 3rd n 28

Stephen White [9:28 PM]:

Or get sacked, whichever

Stephen White [9:27 PM]:

After these short catches by Bennett look for the Bears to take a shot behind him soon if Eagles jump

Ryan Nanni [9:27 PM]:

@sgw94 You just made me remember Marty Booker. That was weird.

Stephen White [9:25 PM]:

Marty B with the conversion on a quick out

Stephen White [9:24 PM]:

Gotta want to see more of that if you’re a Bears fan. Jeffery wont fall down every time

Stephen White [9:21 PM]:

Nice play by Williams on the ball

Charlie Gebow [9:20 PM]:

Odds that Cutler is the Browns starting QB next season?

Stephen White [9:20 PM]:

Take. A. Shot.

Stephen White [9:17 PM]:

Good stop for the Bears

Ryan Nanni [9:17 PM]:

I can’t wait for the Courting of Jay Cutler. It’ll be like a Bronte novel, but with sacks.

Stephen White [9:16 PM]:

They needed that sack big time

Stephen White [9:15 PM]:

Sent 5, no pressure

Stephen White [9:14 PM]:

Theyre blitzing but not getting much pressure out of it

Ryan Van Bibber [9:13 PM]:

it seems like everyone on the Bears defense turned 50 in August

Stephen White [9:12 PM]:

Cutler is doing himself no favors. I wonder if ultimately he wouldnt have been better off sitting out the rest of the season

Stephen White [9:12 PM]:

Nope, just double coverage

Stephen White [9:12 PM]:

That looked like triple coverage

Ryan Nanni [9:11 PM]:

(adds log to PUT IN MCCOWN fire)

Ryan Van Bibber [9:10 PM]:

taking Quick over Alshon too

Ryan Van Bibber [9:10 PM]:

the Rams spent May-August talking about Brian Quick as the next Vincent Jackson

Stephen White [9:09 PM]:

The Jets really chose Stephen Hill over Alshon. Still hard to believe

Oh No Romo [9:04 PM]:

Maybe I’ll play GTA V or something.

Ryan Nanni [9:04 PM]:

1st 1:27

Stephen White [9:04 PM]:

Soooooo 21-0 with over a minute left in the 1st…quarter. Wow

BeaverJohn [9:03 PM]:

LTC Frank Slade (Ret.) is feeling ten years younger in Philadelphia.

Stephen White [9:03 PM]:

Easy money

Stephen White [9:01 PM]:

Collingsworth diagnosing concussions from the booth now?

Stephen White [8:59 PM]:

How do you defend that cut!

Ryan Nanni [8:58 PM]:


Stephen White [8:57 PM]:

McCoy is just unfair.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:57 PM]:


One Seattle politician does not like Arizona

There are better ways to express your frustration with a loss than saying something stupid on Twitter.

Stephen White [8:56 PM]:

Seems an odd time for Wildcat when they could bury them on this drive

Stephen White [8:53 PM]:

Gotta say, at this point if Im the Bears I might start just throwing it up to your big WRs for chunk plays. Time to trash the original gameplan imo

Stephen White [8:52 PM]:

RB seven yards deep usually means run and the Bears do for four yards with Forte

Ryan Nanni [8:47 PM]:

1st 7:44

Mark Ennis [8:46 PM]:

Can’t imagine Cutler loves the idea of playing a whole game with the opponent knowing they’ve got to throw the ball.

Stephen White [8:46 PM]:

Shady scores and man the Bears had better answer soon or this will be over by halftime.

Ryan Nanni [8:45 PM]:

@sgw94 Carlos Boozer can’t defend ballhandlers on the perimeter. Wait, what?

Stephen White [8:43 PM]:

Hey maybe, MAYBE the Bears should try to force Foles left. Maybe

Stephen White [8:43 PM]:

And there it is

Stephen White [8:42 PM]:

Man the Bears’ defense can’t even regroup. Look for the Eagles to take a shot here

Stephen White [8:42 PM]:


Ryan Nanni [8:41 PM]:

1st 9:54

Charlie Gebow [8:40 PM]:

That’s the sort of play that only the tutelage of Mike Stoops could have made happen

Stephen White [8:39 PM]:

Foles’ athleticism is way underrated. Nice pass for the TD with 99 breathing down his neck as he rolled to his right

Stephen White [8:38 PM]:

Big 3rd and goal coming. No telling what Kelly goes with here.

Stephen White [8:37 PM]:

Right tackle appeared to move early

Mark Ennis [8:36 PM]:

Penalty will erase the play here but, notice the Eagles are once again lined up unbalanced into the boundary.

Mark Ennis [8:35 PM]:

Tell us more about the exciting centers in the NFL, Chris…

Stephen White [8:35 PM]:

Nice hit by peppers on Foles

Stephen White [8:35 PM]:

I also don’t trust the Bears defense these days. I do like Ratliff at nose tho

Stephen White [8:34 PM]:

Thats called outthinking yourself

Ryan Nanni [8:33 PM]:

(lights PUT IN MCCOWN fire)

Stephen White [8:33 PM]:

Did they really put Forte on Trent Cole one on one? WTF?!

Charlie Gebow [8:33 PM]:

Jay Cutler falling down is just… satisfying

Stephen White [8:33 PM]:

Cutty showing the sloooooow juke move outside lol

Mark Ennis [8:32 PM]:

THE Louisiana Tech University”. As in, no no, not the one coached by Skip Holtz.

Stephen White [8:31 PM]:

I still dont trust the Eagles defense

Mark Ennis [8:30 PM]:

Pretty excited to watch this game and cuss as I think about how the Bucs almost had Chip Kelly :( :(

Ryan Nanni [8:30 PM]:

Marc Trestman and Chip Kelly might be the nerdiest matchup possible.

Stephen White [8:28 PM]:

@Run Home Jack

Ryan Van Bibber [8:28 PM]:

@Run Home Jack the Bucs and the Rams played the most exciting meaningless football game of the year

Ryan Nanni [8:26 PM]:

@Ryan Van Bibber Are the Bucs still alive

Ryan Van Bibber [8:25 PM]:


Cardinals, Chargers alive in playoff race

The Arizona Cardinals knocked off the Seahawks in Seattle to stay alive in the playoff race. In the AFC, a Chargers win combined with losses by the Dolphins and Ravens keeps means the final playoff spot won’t be decided until next week.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:25 PM]:

and for anyone trying to make sense of it …

Ryan Nanni [8:25 PM]:

Oh, hello there. Didn’t see you, as I was busy writing my RUSSELL WILSON, HISTORY’S GREATEST FRAUD column.

Ryan Van Bibber [8:23 PM]:

what a day!

Stephen White [8:21 PM]:

Good Football Evening folk!