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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers pull off the ugliest play of the year

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The old swinging gate underhand fake punt on 4th & 10.

Dilip Vishwanat

Believe it or not, coaching like you've got nothing left to lose has its downside. Schiano took a page out of the Jim Zorn playbook and called for the old swinging gate formation. The result was just your classic run of the mill offset line, 4th & 10 fake punt thrown underhanded and incomplete.


I'll say this about Greg Schiano: he's pulling out all of the stops in today's game against the Saints. Greg looked like he was coaching for his job in the first quarter with a great flea-flicker playcall that caught Tiquan Underwood for a 48 yard touchdown. It's all probably too little too late for Schiano, who somehow made it through the entire season without being fired despite jumping out to an early 0-8 record.

Earlier reports have linked him to a possible opening in Happy Valley should Bill O'Brien make the move to the NFL this offseason.

UPDATE: Upon further review, poor, poor Tampa Bay LS Andrew Economos got absolutely sent to the moon, apparently not realizing that the snapper would not enjoy the same protection as usual on fake punts. That's just Schiano coaching 'em up out there.