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Michael Schumacher undergoes another operation, remains critical

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Doctors see “slight” improvement in Michael Schumacher’s condition, but after undergoing a second operation the Formula One champion remains in a coma.

Mark Thompson

Michael Schumacher has undergone a second brain surgery and a neurological scan shows that his condition, though still critical, has improved "slightly" in an update provided by his doctors Tuesday.

The seven-time Formula One champion continues to lay in a medically induced coma. Doctors said Schumacher would remain in a coma as long as necessary as they work to reduce the swelling.

A brain scan Monday night showed doctors that there was bruising on Schumacher's brain "a little bit everywhere," but they were surprised to see the pressure had eased some. When asked about his long-term prognosis, doctors refused to speculate and said his condition was still "grave."

"We cannot tell you any more on the future," said Gerard Saillant, a neurological surgeon who worked with Schumacher when the German broke his leg during the 1999 British Grand Prix.

Schumacher, who turns 45 Friday, fell while skiing in the French Alps Sunday striking a rock with the right side of his head. He was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, which doctors said saved his life. After initially being transported to a local medical facility he was then airlifted to University Hospital of Grenoble.

"Compared to yesterday, the situation has improved and is better controlled than it was on Monday, but we are unable to say that he is out of danger," said chief of anesthesiology Jean-Francois Payen. "However, we now we have gained a bit of time with regard to the development. But once again, the coming hours are still critical.

"To say he is out of danger, that I can't answer. ...The situation can improve as well as worsen."

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