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Beyoncé says her spirit athletes are Kobe, Serena and Pacquiao

The superstar pop singer and upcoming Super Bowl Halftime performer spoke with ESPN to discuss who she identifies with in the sports world.

Scott Halleran

In the tidal wave of Super Bowl media coverage, of course we're going to have people asking who Beyoncé identifies with most in the sports world. In fact, I'm surprised it took this long. From the video interview with ESPN:

I definitely identify with Kobe Bryant, as far as his work ethic. I can always see that he's focused. He works harder than I could ever imagine. It's just like he's in the zone. He's just undeniable as far as his talent and his gift.

Definitely Serena [Williams]. She just transforms, because when you speak to her and she's not working, she is the most lovely, gentle, sweet beautiful woman. And she's ferocious when she gets out there. I love it. You cannot talk to her when she's in the zone.

Even Pacquiao, I love him. I really relate to people that were born to do something and get lost in the moment. When he gets in that ring, he is a beast. I love it. And it shows that you can have humility and be a kind person and also be driven and when it's time, be a fighter.

The Brooklyn Nets are probably going to be heartbroken over this news.

And what do these fine athletes all have in common? Oh, they've all just lost their most recent matches. Let's hope that's not a bad omen!

And, oh, Beyoncé one more question: "What would be your version of winning a Super Bowl?"

"I guess, probably performing at the Super Bowl Halftime."

Just fantastic.