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Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan start a dunk contest in Philly

Neither Blake Griffin nor DeAndre Jordan are competing in this year's dunk contest. But these two dunks against the Sixers would probably get pretty good scores, I think.

Eric Bledsoe is competing in the NBA dunk contest this year. He should ask DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin for pointers. Blake has already won a dunk contest, but I think the NBA should award him this year's contest, as well. This might be the dunk of the year.

Blake Griffin has shown us plenty of vicious dunks in the past, but this is a whole other level of skill and coordination. Griffin rises up and then switches hands while in mid-air. The move is so fast and agile that Spencer Hawes is made into a mere spectator.

DeAndre Jordan prefers pure power on his dunks. There's nothing really fancy on Jordan's slam, just a regular angry throwdown.

I'll be interested to see what Bledsoe can cook up in the dunk contest, but it's going to be difficult for him to top these dunks from his teammates.

Check out the Clippers' big men throwing down some nasty dunks against the Sixers.