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NBA All-Star Game 2013: James Harden playing All-Star Game by ear

James Harden's waiting to see how his ankle feels Sunday before deciding on playing in the All-Star Game.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Rockets guard James Harden, the only Rocket in Houston's All-Star Game on Sunday, is still uncertain on his status to participate after suffering an ankle injury Tuesday.

Jason Friedman of reported Saturday afternoon that Harden was going to wait and see how he felt Sunday.

Harden is also scheduled to participate in Saturday night's Shooting Stars competition, but seeing as that's merely a jump-shooting contest, his participation in that event is apparently not in jeopardy.

After suffering the ankle injury Tuesday in the third quarter of the Rockets' 116-107 win over the Golden State Warriors, Harden did not play Wednesday in the Rockets' final game before the All-Star break, a 106-96 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers.

Harden made the All-Star Game for the first time this season. He's currently fifth in the NBA with 26.1 points per game.