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Stupid things said at the NFL Combine

There was a lot of information to be had on the first morning of the Combine, not so much wisdom.


Indianapolis - Sandwich buffet, Pepsi products, and lots vague answers from NFL coaches and GMs ... yes, it's Combine time. Enthusiasm ran high Thursday morning, the first day of four filled with press conferences.

"Next man up."

San Francisco GM Trent Baalke used everyone's favorite football cliche. He was actually talking about replacing Tom Gamble, who left for a personnel job with the Eagles. Bonus points for Baalke, using that to talk about a front office guy and not an injured player on the field. That's how you get to the Super Bowl, kids.

"It's intelligent football."

Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman spent a good bit of time defending the Canadian Football League from curious journalists. He did not say 'eh' and there was not a word in French. Did he really spend all that time coaching the Montreal Alouettes? Based on the above statement, I wonder.

Or, perhaps Trestman is a sleeper agent, a Manchurian candidate from the Great White North. He also referred to America as "south of the border." I'm sort of convinced.

"A good marriage"

An interesting way for Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland to refer to his relationship with head coach Joe Philbin, no? Especially after that whole maternal issues interview with Dez Bryant a few years ago. Ireland's mastery of cliches is second to none, by the way.

"No different than what we've had all along."

Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz kept the same offseason message and approach for his players this year. Great idea, since it seemed to work so well last year.

"A good 40 time doesn't make you a football player."

That was Denver Broncos head coach John Fox making Al Davis roll over in his grave, again.

"You're a guard because you can't be a tackle, so how can a guard be that good?"

That was a veteran reporter down the table from me this morning talking about Alabama guard Chance Warmack. Again, veteran NFL reporter.

"When will you have more mayonnaise?"

Things got ugly in the food line Thursday afternoon. Do not keep veteran reporters from their delicious egg and oil concoction, Lucas Oil Stadium hospitality contractors. As Jon Bois pointed out last year, Indianapolis has a special relationship with mayo.


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