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The List: 20 sentences guaranteed to start an argument on the Internet

People on the internet get REALLY mad if you don't like what they like. Here are twenty great ways to start heated arguments that collapse into flame wars.

It tastes good, but not great.
It tastes good, but not great.

1. Most craft beer isn't half as good as Budweiser.

2. Football will never replace baseball as the American pastime.

3. "Girls" is the best show on television.

4. I like my steak cooked all the way through.

5. Soccer will never catch on in America.

6. Samoas are the best Girl Scout cookie.

7. "Seinfeld" has aged badly as a show.

8. Philadelphia is undoubtedly the best sports town in America.

9. Pappy Van Winkle is overrated.

10. Pie and cake are the same thing.

11. Soft pretzels are a dish, hard pretzels are a mistake.

12. New Orleans is lame.

13. Bacon's all right, I guess.

14. Bill Simmons is the best sportswriter alive.

15. Hipsters are integral to American culture.

16. Why do people from Texas call it "barbecue" when it's not even pork?

17. The important thing about US Airways is that they try hard.

18. In-N-Out and Five Guys burgers taste the same to me.

19. CrossFit and the paleo diet are founded on pseudo-science with no proven results.

20. Militant atheists are still practicing a religion.