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Linemen run the 40 at the Combine, set to Chariots of Fire

There was only one thing to do with video of a bunch of linemen running a 40. So of course we set it to the best soundtrack.

We've spent all morning watching big guys run the 40, because that's what one does during the football offseason. Yes, it's NFL Combine time, and the offensive linemen were the star of the show on Saturday. We're all right with that, even if the linemen aren't flashy like the skill position players.

We're so all right with it that we decided to have a little fun with it. While it's kind of hypnotizing to watch linemen run over the dulcet tones of Mike Mayock, it's even better to set these 40-yard dashes to music.

There was really only one option for the soundtrack. Let's get inspired, friends.

You're welcome.

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