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Second fan video of Nationwide Daytona crash surfaces

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Another video from the stands has been uploaded to YouTube. This one offers an alternate view of the horrifying crash that left dozens injured.

Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's DRIVE4COPD 300 Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway ended with a horrific crash that threw debris into the grandstand and injured at least 28 fans. Following the race, there has been no shortage of shock and discussion surrounding the incident. Shortly after the wreck, a video shot by a fan in attendance was uploaded to YouTube, showing the wreck from the stands just a few seats from where a tire landed and struck a fan.

Later on Saturday evening, a second fan video was also uploaded to YouTube, showing a different (wider) angle of the wreck. There will almost certainly be a slew of similar videos appearing all over the Internet from fans who captured the terrifying moment as it happened. The video below came to our attention via Anthony DeRosa and was shot by JeffLangeDVD.

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