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Marquise Goodwin, Tavon Austin record blistering 40s

Here's Tavon Austin and Marquise Goodwin overlaid while running the 40. Goodwin got him at the end, but it was close.

We've watched the big guys run -- and set them to Chariots of Fire -- but Sunday was a time for the fast guys at the NFL Combine. And when I say fast, I mean real fast. With Marquise Goodwin and Tavon Austin leading the way -- running a 4.27 and 4.34 40, respectively -- the wide receivers lit the field on fire at the Combine. Guys were going low, and setting stopwatches ablaze.

How fast were they? Let's watch Goodwin and Austin go at it:


Austin got off just a bit quicker, but Goodwin, an Olympian, tracked him down at the wire while just missing Chris Johnson's 4.24. Also in the mix: Ryan Swope, who ran a 4.34 officially -- the same time as Austin.

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