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Spurs bond over burgers they don't like or want

The Spurs have made a tradition of eating In-N-Out burgers together on the Rodeo Trip. Even if they don't want to.

Jef Poskanzer via Wikimedia Commons

The San Antonio Express-News' Mike Monroe is a prime detail-oriented basketball writer, and he has a meaty dispatch from the Spurs' annual trip to an In-N-Out Burger location in Oakland. The sojourn has become a Rodeo Trip tradition, despite the fact that some Spurs don't even like In-N-Out and others don't want to eat it because they already ate lunch.

First, Manu Ginobili:

Not all the Spurs were thrilled about the experience. Guard Manu Ginobili was sated from lunch at one of his favorite Italian restaurants near San Francisco's Union Square when the bus pulled into the In-N-Out parking lot.

"I was coming from lunch, so it was a bad idea," he said. "Tiago (Splitter) and I ate lunch in San Francisco, but it was a team thing, so I ate a burger and had a shake."

Oh, poor you. Et tu, Stephen Jackson?

"It was good, but I don't like In-N-Out like that," he said. "Fatburger, Sonic, Five Guys, but not In-N-Out. But I ate one."

Leave it to pro basketball players to make eating at In-N-Out sound like a chore.