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The List: Nicknames for Dwyane Wade that could possibly be worse than 'Way of Wade'

Dwyane Wade has assigned himself a new nickname: "Way of Wade." That is a terrible nickname. Here are some that would be even worse.

Chris Graythen

Jon Bois, Bill Hanstock, Robert Wheel, Matt Ufford and Spencer Hall contributed to this report.

1. AOL Keyword Wade

2. iWade

3. Fountains of Dwyane

4. Dwayne

5. The Grand 18pt Courier New Ampersand Deluxe Wolfdog Deluxe Merciful Dribblelord XLVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

6. INCREDIBLE: Irresistible Nice Crazy Radical Exciting Dwyane Is Brave Like Emus

7. Dwyane Kiffin

8. No Pyane, No Gyane

9. Oft-Dribble

10. Lena Dunkham

11. Muscles Glasses

12. a;ergbauowvbna;eobva;obrae;ovnsdaio'vbnearouvbsd alsnv;sjb o;an o McBasketball Ferrari aubovaerigh8e9gharbv
sdvjdsbvds a avgv n lnkl sna lkn lkn One Night at McCool's Sequel raiopbhiew ha8r9875e767r Deuteronomy 5.25" Floppydrive Word Munchers ThinkQuick Destructiviticus Vomiting Landlord ouarguhoefh ,veklwnwe ? oivhwefe @##@! lnvdon

13. Welcome to my nickname