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Warriors, Pacers game escalates into fight after Roy Hibbert shove

Emotions got the better of Roy Hibbert as the two teams scrapped during the game against Golden State.

Things got really testy midway through the fourth quarter in a game between the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers.

After a shoving match between Roy Hibbert and David Lee, tempers flared to the point of fisticuffs. It began with a slight bump as Hibbert tried to get in rebounding position, but Lee knocked him off course. Hibbert took offense to such physicality and shoved Lee, who returned in kind.

Then the players just moshed in trying to separate each other. The exchange ended up spilling into the stands, and everyone on the court on both teams joined the fray. Stephen Curry looked to stop the fight, but instead took some rough shots from David West and Roy Hibbert, resulting in him falling to the ground.

After everything calmed down and players were successfully separated, Hibbert was ejected from the game. Luckily, nothing else happened with the fans, but this definitely goes down as one of the bigger fights of the year.

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