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The List: Expectations set by downtrodden Chiefs fans over the years

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs have struggled to properly set expectations over the last 19 years and one month and change since their last playoff win. Here are some of them.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Bois, Spencer Hall and Matt Ufford contributed to this report.

1. "Matt Cassel has the ribs of a champion." (2010)

2. "Gunther Cunningham makes them tuck in their shirts during practice. That was the missing piece of the puzzle." (1999)

3. "Maybe we can go the entire season without punting or playing a third down on defense." (2003)

4. "Maybe if I go to a Chiefs game, my house will not burn down while I am gone." (2008)

5. "The only way we could be the worst team in the NFL is if all our players got hurt or something." (2011)

6. "While it's true that the Chiefs are predicted to go to the Super Bowl on Sports Illustrated's cover, it's the Sega Visions curse you really need to look out for." (1996)

7. "Let me ask you, would you rather see a competitive game or would you rather see a 40-10 score?" (2012. NOTE: This is a thing that head coach Romeo Crennel actually said.)

8. "Installing the Belichick Way takes time." (2009)

9. "Marty'll get 'em over the hump next year." (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, also probably 2016-2022)

10. "I'm sure these fur trappers have nothing but good intentions." (1774)

11. "what is football [eats pebbles]" - 584

12. "I am teenager Jesus." - 16